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> Issue 38 > Page 18 - From '"Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector"

Page 18 - From '"Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/1/1 (316 reads)

Primrose Lasses PRIMROSE LASSES is likely Irish in origin. The Inverness County players generally claim it as a traditional Mabou tune. But I heard a tape of an Irish piper, made in the 1940s, Johnny Doran, who I don't think possibly would have had any contact with Cape Breton music. He was from the West Coast of Ireland, recorded just be? fore he died. It's a popular tune, and everybody has slightly different settings. Irish Reel Cape Breton Setting West Mabou Reel A popular dance tune composed in Cape Breton. It's never been published anywhere else that we are aware of. Killiecrankie This beautiftil melody commemorates the battle of KILLIECRANKIE (1689). It is found in both Kerr's Collection and Neil Gow's Second Repository, as a slow air. Here Mike plays it as a march. I changed it a bit from Neil Gow • a variation here inspired by Mike's playing. It's not precisely as Mike plays it on the tape, either. Mike would do one ending within the meldoy. And Neil Gow would do a different ending. And Chisholm would do another variation. And I use one of each within the melody. It's the only way to get as many ideas in as pos? sible. I did that a lot throughout these arrangements. And if they pick it up and think there's too many i- deas in there, it's very easy to simplify it. A couple of places, I put some variations above the music. CHICKEN CHALET 5outlets to serve you- C.B. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River Sydney Shopping Mail, Prince St. Blowers St., North Sydney Sterling Mali, Glace Bay Piummer Aye., New Waterford (18) pSTi' THE CAR CANADA IS TALKING ABOUT starting at $6195 plus: FRT, PDI, TAX, & Lie NARDOCCIO/GEDDES Auto Sales 34 State St., Sydney, N. S. (539-7999) The Skye Collection $14.95 (spiral bound) The Simon Fraser Collection $19.95 hardcover $12.95 paperback (spiral bound) THE SKYE COLLECTION (1887) contains over 400 vio? lin and pipe tunes. THE SIMON FRASER COLLECTION (1816 & 1874) offers 230 Scottish tunes and airs. Also available are two cassette tapes of 112 tunes played by Cape Breton musicians: MUSIC FROM THE SIMON FRASER COLLECTION, Vol. I and Vol. II ($9.95 for the pair; add 75
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