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Page 21 - From '"Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/1/1 (401 reads)

reel here. Donald MacLellan and Winston Fitzgerald both recorded it on early records. THE WHITE CROW: That reel came from an old 78 by Alex Gillis and the Inverness Serenaders. Sixth Medley • THE FOREST OF GA-ICK: A strathspey by William Marshall. He's an 18th-19th century Scottish composer. His tunes seemed to really be liked a lot by Cape Bretoners, but they have a ha? bit of changing them from the original form. And this is a nice example. See notes with the music transcription. ATHOLE BROSE: A stepdancing strath? spey popular around Cape Breton. The Cape Breton setting differs a little bit from the Skye Collec? tion. LADY MUIR MACKENZIE: See the music transcrip? tion. WEDDERBURN HOUSE: Reel, originally in the Glen Collection (John), a 19th century Scottish collection. It was played a lot by Angus Chisholm. UIST LASSES: Reel, from the Simon Fraser Collec? tion. WELCOME, CHARLIE STEWART/THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY: Reels. Here Mike played the first half of "Charlie Stewart" and the second half of "Wind that Shakes the Barley." Both the tunes are in the Skye Collection. COTTONWOOD REEL: Not originally an Irish or Scottish tune, it's a North American sort of country-vein tune that An? gus Chisholm popularized. Seventh Medley • COILS FIELD HOUSE: This is a slow air in the Neil Gow Collection; Mike plays it here as a march. MUNLOCHY BRIDGE: See the music tran? scription. DUKE OF GORDON'S STRATHSPEY: (William Marshall) A popular strathspey played by almost every Cape Breton fiddler in a different way. PRIM? ROSE LASSES: See the music transcription. LORD WEL? LINGTON'S REEL: There's a very common tune in Cape Breton (an Irish reel) called "Sheehan's Reel," that almost every dance player plays. This is a variation of that tune, that comes from Allan's Collection. Eighth Medley • GORDON QUIGLEY'S JIG: (Dan R. Mac? Donald) See the music transcription. JIG: (Tradi? tional). MRS. GORDON OF BAIRD'S: See the music transcription. AN INGONISH JIG. Ninth Medley • MINNIE FOSTER'S CLOG: Both "Minnie Foster's" and "Fred Wilson's" clogs or hornpipes are found in the 1000 Fiddle Tunes, and they were on an Angus Chisholm 78 in the '30s. FRED WILSON'S CLOG: See above. ARCHIE MENZIE'S REEL: (J. Lowe) That's a really popular tune on both sides of the Atlantic. It was recorded by Winston "Scotty" Fitz? gerald on an LP. He may have been the first. And almost everybody since then has had that in their repertoire of tunes. Tenth Medley • MRS. DINGWALL OF BROCKLY'S STRATH? SPEY: Composed by Robert Petrie; in the Skye Col? lection. Mike's got a nicer ending than in the book. And it's the way most Cape Bretoners play it. MISS GRACE MENZIE: Another strathspey from Mar? shall, in a Cape Breton setting. LASSES 0' BALLAN- TRAE: Reel (Simon Fraser). CARNIE'S CANTER: Reel (James Scott Skinner). .MRS. CHARLIE STEWART: Reel (William Marshall). REICHSWALL FOREST: Reel (Dan R. MacDonald). MISS GRANT OF GRANT: Athole Collection; reel. TOMMY MACQUESTION'S: Reel (Dan R. MacDonald). Tommy's a fiddler living near Toronto. DAN GAL- BEY'S REEL: Recorded by Dan R. on an early record. It's related to the strathspey "John Roy Stewart." It's also related to an Irish reel called "Julia Delaney." How to Order the Tape: "Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector" is now available on a one-hour cassette. It is available only by writing to Cape Breton's Magazine, and will not be in stores. The cassette contains all the tunes listed above, and is a good quality production made from the original tape by Mike and guitar accompanist Tim Donovan. You can order the cassette by writing to Cape Breton's Magazine, Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOC IHO. The price is $5.50 for each tape. Add 50
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