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Page 33 - DesBarres's Plans for Sydney

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/1/1 (614 reads)

the simmer. They had been in New York. They came, and they helped further clear the land of trees and built their bar? racks- -a beautiful barracks eventually went up at Victoria Park. (Do these people then move out of the bar? racks at Sydney Mines into the North End?) Yes. They move into homes, a great number of them. A lot of them don't come into Syd? ney, of course. A lot of them are farmers. And they move over to what we call the Northwest Arm--that area from Upper North Sydney to Leitches Creek. The majority of the people, of course, are from backwoods New York state. And they immediately go in? to farming. They're not interested in coal mining or fishing. And of course, that land along the Northwest Arm is good land. Their descendants still live there--the Lewises, the Grandmeyers, the Aliens. That whole area, you've got Loyalists. lentennial 1785-1985 Sydney's Alive in '85! Parades Fireworks Music Dances Speci al Year So Every Friday in 1985 is Costume Day' in Sydney. Get your costume now and get in on the fun!! Licensed Field Trial for Beagles t. Theresa's 50th Anniv.) Ulantic Provincial Women in CURE Sydney Celebrations ic (Sea Cadets) js/Quartet Competition/Convention lace, St. Theresa's Church th Anniv. Celebrations Presentation Presentation ceum Museum 1 Tournament (Prov.) UCCB nd Anniv. Celebrations DesBarres Landing Pageant Statue, Pageantry,. Costume ng, Banquet & Dance anadian Legion Convention ter-Club Competitions oad Convention (65) rts Celebration 200 50th Anniv. Celebrations/ Congregational Services dney, Australia, "Sister City" orus/Quartet use • Air Show • CFS Sydney Weekend Celebrations s--Provincial Summer Games ling at the Cedars Picnic hute Association Convention ly Picnic Anniv. Observance Service s Fashion Show Day Celebrations rations (Family Festival) nference Competition unty Vocational School val ons/Provincial Opening-- Reunion '60 stiva1--Giant Concert, JULY 6 JULY 6 -AUG 31 JULY 7-13 JULY 8-21 JULY 9-10 JULY 11-14 JULY 12-13 JULY 12-14 JULY 15-21 JULY 18-20 JULY 25 -AUG 3 JULY 26-28 JULY 26-28 JULY 26-28 JULY 26-28 JULY 27 -AUG 2 JULY 28 JULY 28 -AUG 3 JULY 28 -AUG 3 JULY 28 -AUG 3 JULY 20 TBA AUG 1-4 AUG 1-4 AUG 1-10 AUG 2-3 AUG 2-3 AUG 2-4 AUG 3-10 AUG 3-4 AUG 4 AUG 4 AUG 4-24 AUG 5 AUG 5-6 AUG 7 AUG 7 AUG 8-11 AUG 9-11 AUG 8-11 AUG 8 AUG 9 AUG 10 AUG 11 AUG 9-11 AUG 9 AUG 10 AUG 11 AUG 11-17 AUG 11-17 AUG 11-18 TBA AUG 12 AUG 12 AUG 16-18 AUG 18-24 C.B. Italian Cultural Assoc.--Italia Day St. Theresa's Summer Crafts for Children Ukrainian Family Picnic Atlantic Canada Institute Convention Bicentennial Come Home Days--UCCB Alumni Reunion Ukrainian Festival Sydney Ports Day/ICHCA Conference Sydney Academy Reunion--Class of '50 C.B.ers Jamboree--C.B.Co. C.B. Radio Friendship Club Gaelic Festival Caidreabh Nan Gaidheal, Sidni, 1985 Modern Square & Round Dance Festival North Sydney Centennial Days C.B. Highlanders Convention C.B. School of Crafts Craft Show & Sale Bicentennial Baby Quilt Contest (Craft Show) Sydney Academy Reunion '52, '53, '54 Cumis Board Seminar Indian Pow Wow West Indian Homecoming Days Strawberry Festival Highland Conservation School Sydney Academy Reunion, 1969 Riverview Pioneers Reunion (High School Reunion) Boy Scout Jamboree, Rotary Park Irish Days Olands Canadian Powerlifting Championships-- Men's National N.S. Softball Championship Senior Men's Action Week Horseshoe Tournament Sunset Ceremony--Cadets Bicentennial Parade & Parade of Performers Show U.C.C.B. Dance Festival Caribbean Festival & Parade Bicentennial Golf Tournament, Lingan Golf Club Newfoundland Day--Branch 128 Legion Gaelic Society Milling Frolic Sydney Academy Reunion Class of 1975 Sydney Academy Reunion Class of 1965 Holy Angels Convent Anniversary (100 Years) Reunion Margaret Bourgeois Pageant, Holy Angels Remember When--Holy Angels Open House & Banquet--Holy Angels Liturgical Celebrations • Holy Angels (Sacred Heart Church) N.S. Softball Championship St. Phillip's African Orthodox Reunion/Dinner/Dance Oldies but Goodies Dance--St. Phillip's AOC Memorial Service, St. Phillip's Salute to Labour Week Ethiopian Celebrations Lob Ball Tournament Women's & Men's Mixed Dart Tournament Royal Bank, Whitney Pier Br. 75th Anniv. of Branch Open House Ukrainian Hall for Royal Bank, Whitney Piei North Novas Convention Northern Yacht Club North American/Canadian Snipe Championships, North Sydney AUG 19-24 AUG 21-23 AUG 23-25 AUG 24 AUG 24 AUG 24-25 AUG 30 -SEPT 1 AUG 30 -SEPT 1 AUG 31 -SEPT 2 SEPT 1-7 TBA" SEPT 6 SEPT 7 SEPT 14-15 SEPT 14-15 SEPT 15 SEPT 19-21 SEPT 22 SEPT 22 SEPT 25-28 SEPT 26-28 SEPT 27-29 SEPT 28 SEPT 28-29 TBA OCT OCT 4-6 OCT 7 OCT 8-14 OCT 11-13 OCT 11-14 OCT 12-14 OCT 13-14 OCT 16 OCT 21-27 OCT 25-27 OCT 31 OCT 31 NOV 8-10 NOV 11 NOV 14-17 NOV 16 NOV 22-23 NOV 30 DEC 14 DEC 14-15 DEC 31 DEC 31 JAN 1986 JAN 1 JAN 1 C.B. Farmers Exhibition--North Sydney N.S. Arena Managers Assoc. Convention Korean Vets Convention Blueberry Festival Corn Boil 25th Anniv. of the Blessing of St. Augustine's Church C.B. Sea Cadet Regatta, Navy League of Canada West Nova Scotia Regiment Convention Cromarty Tennis Labour Day Tournament Ethiopian Youth Week Labour Day Parade Salute to Little League Sydney Garden Club Bicentennial Flower Show Big Barren 200, 200KM Cross Country Motorcycle Race C.B. Antique & Custom Car Show Battle of Britain Ceremonies Anglican Diocesan Synod Terry Fox Run, Walk, Ride 2nd Annual Pepsi Car Rally--Regional Hospital Atlantic Canada Workshops Convention N.S. Federation of Labour Convention Sydney Garrison Warrant Officers & Sgts. Mess Reunion Stornaway Society Highland Dance Competitions Polish • St. Michael's Celebrations Scottish Heavyweight Events Canadian Kennel Club Field Trials Festival of Praise--Church Choirs Bicentennial "Old-Tyme" Spelling Bee Baton Contest Uke Band • Rally of Uke Players Native Sons Day--Premier International Stage Bicycle Race Computer Art Festival Artists Assoc. Anniv. & Dance--Holiday Inn--Annual National Family Services Canada Annual Conference Simcha Torah (Temple Sons of Israel) 7:30 p.m. International Passports Festival (All Ethnic Groups) Sea Cadet Reunion Bicentennial National Soccer Tournament (Boys under 18 Bicentennial Dart Tournament Scottish Heavyweight Events Sydney Credit Union 50th Anniv. (Year Long Celebration Boys & Girls Club Week in Canada Liturgical Convention Hallowe'en Party, Oidhche Shamhna, Gaelic Society Mardi Gras Celebration--Costume & Masks Kinette Craft Fair (60th Anniv.) Host Branch 12 I Championships--Kansas Snow Michael's Day Party Celebration St. Andrew's Day Dinner/Dance--Gaelic Society Gaelic Society Christmas Party Hanging of the Greens--United Baptist Church Gala New Year's Costume Ball & Satellite Dances New Year's Eve Ceilidh--Gaelic Society Royal Canadian Legior World Candlepin Bowlir Ukrainian Annual St. ' I • St. Catheri iing Cere lies )ur 200th Birthday! Ission at 539-1985 or drop us a line at P. O. Box 1985, Sydney, N. S. B1P6H7
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