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> Issue 38 > Page 54 - A Visit with Wilfred Prosper, Eskasoni

Page 54 - A Visit with Wilfred Prosper, Eskasoni

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/1/1 (182 reads)

and he started singing it. Just as he was finished, the woman died." That seems strange. I don't know what to make of that. I know the hymn. Psalm 20: "The Lord an? swer you in time of distress. The name of the God of Jacob defend you. May he send you help from the sanctuary, from Zion may he sustain you. May he remember all your offerings, and graciously accept your holo? caust. May he grant you what is in your heart, and fulfil your every plan. May we shout for joy at your victory, and raise the standards at the name of our God. The Lord grant all your requests. Now I know that the Lord has given victory to his a- nointed, that he has answered him from his holy heaven, with the strength of his vic? torious right hand. Some are strong in chariots, some in horses, but we are strong in the name of the Lord our God. Though they bow down and fall, yet we stand erect and firm. Oh Lord, grant victory to the king, and answer us when we call upon you." That is sung by the Indians. (In Micmac.) Yes, it's in the hieroglyphic book. It's the very last hymn, or psalm--the very last one. 'K'i >=>$'cj- >3>KB IV W X >wA5 A >'-'>-' >y>',St Hz:"'c A fw? 1-' '' 3??'' A ''??'' So, I don't know. He said that this woman couldn't die till those leaves turned, till they came to stop there, the very last one. He said, "And my father sang that to her. And just when he was through, she died." CONTINUED NEXT PAGE In Memory of George Three Locations in your area ROBIN Cheticamp Main Store 224-2022 Inverness 258-2241 Cheticamp Furniture Store 224-2434 YOUR FAVORITE SHOPPING CENTRE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS. Founded in 1766. Hie Gedit Union Difference. I>iscover It For Yourself. Today. When you join the Credit Union, you become a member-shareholder, not just a customer. That means you i:an have an equal say, an equal share in how things are done. You can be sure that the decisions the credit union makes are made right at home. Another Credit Union difference is that we're always looking for new, innovative ways to improve our services for you. And by operating close to home and listening to you, we're able to offer you flexible financial services based on your needs. Something else comes with being a Credit Union member • peace of mind through security. With financial safeguards built in, the Credit Union is a safe, sure place to save. Best of all, as a Credit Union member you can expect a good return on your savings and a fair rate of interest when yo'i borrow. The Credit Union Difference. Discover it for yourself. Today. NEW WATERFORD CREDIT UNION LTD. Piummer Ave., New Waterford (862-6453) NORTHEAST MARGAREE CREDIT UNION LTD. Margaree Centre (248-2401) DOMINION CREDIT UNION LTD. 24 Commercial St., Dominion (849-8648) NORTH SYDNEY CREDIT UNION LTD. 210 Commercial St., North Sydney (794-2535) PRINCESS CREDIT UNION LTD. 154 Main St., Sydney Mines (736-9204) PORT HAWKESBURY CREDIT UNION LTD. Reynolds St., Port Hawkesbury (625-0190) ELECTRIC EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION LTD. P. 0. Box 610, Sydney (564-5457) NORTH ISLE MADAME CREDIT UNION LTD. D'Escousse (226-2722) GLACE BAY CENTRAL CREDIT UNION LTD. 57 Main St., Glace Bay (849-7512) BAY ST. LAWRENCE CREDIT UNION LTD. St. Margarets Village (383-2293) SYDNEY CREDIT UNION LTD. 95 Townsend St., Sydney (562-5593) 1164 Kings Rd., Sydney River (539-1684) MARGAREE CREDIT UNION LTD. Margaree (235-2659) PORT HOOD CREDIT UNION LTD. Port Hood (787-3246) WHITNEY CREDIT UNION LTD. 924 Victoria Rd., Sydney (564-6478 MABOU CREDIT UNION LTD. Mabou (945-2003) JOHNSTOWN CREDIT UNION LTD. Irish Cove (828-2326) ST. JOSEPH'S CREDIT UNION LTD. Petit-de-Grat (226-2288) LOUISDALE CREDIT UNION LTD. Louisdale (345-2015) L'ARDOISE CREDIT UNION LTD. L'Ardoise (587-2414) MIDDLE RIVER CREDIT UNION LTD. Middle River (295-2572) ST. COLUMBA CREDIT UNION LTD. lona (622-2626) RESERVE MINES CREDIT UNION LTD. ' Reserve Mines (849-4583) COADY CREDIT UNION LTD. 1 West Ave., Glace Bay (849-7610) j STEEL CENTRE CREDIT UNION LTD. ' 340 Prince St., Sydney (562-5559) 1 LOUISBOURG CREDIT UNION LTD. Louisbourg (733-2540) j MAIN-A-DIEU CREDIT UNION LTD. Main-a-Dieu (733-2555) INVERNESS FILENE CREDIT UNION LTD.] Inverness (258-2045) | LEMOYNE CREDIT UNION LTD. ] Grand Etang (224-2015) i CHETICAMP CREDIT UNION LTD. ] Cheticamp (224-2055) RIVERDALE CREDIT UNION LTD. ' [Lower River Inhabitants (62,5-1604)] RIVER BOURGEOIS CREDIT UNION LTD.i River Bourgeois (535-3101) ] THE CREDIT UNION BELONGS TO YOU AND ME
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