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Page 12 - Dr. Austin MacDonald, Down North

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1 (305 reads)

And you relied on the physical signs. When you examined a leg that was broken, you knew exactly where it was broken, and you knew where there was any shortening. You knew what had to be done to set it up in plaster so that it maintained its shape. And we got very good results. If you took a hundred patients with fractures, and you had x-rays for all those hundred patients, I would assume your results on the whole would be better, than doing them the way we did them. But we didn't have outright failures. I used to get called occasionally to Pleas? ant Bay, but that wasn't part of my prac? tice. That belonged to the Cheticamp prac? tice. One winter, though, an epidemic of flu over the whole country, and a very bad variety of flu. A lot of people were sick enough to have pnetimonia and pleurisy and stuff along with it. And I got called out, because the 3 doctors in Cheticamp were sick all at the same time, with the flu. They couldn't get out of bed. I happened to be well, or fairly well, at the time--I had been in bed with the flu for a week, got out and went to Pleasant Bay. At that time you drove with a horse to Big Intervale, which is 7 miles above Cape North. And then the roads weren't open, of course, over the mountain. The Pleasant Bay fellows had the dog team that they used for hauling their mail from Cheticamp to Pleasant Bay, twice a week I think it was. They would come over the mountain from Pleasant Bay, meet me at daylight at Big Intervale where the park warden lives now. A man named MacGregor lived there at that time. And I'd have breakfast at Mac- Gregors', leave my horse there and he'd look after it, go with the fellows with the dog sleigh. We'd have to walk across the mountain--dogs can't pull you up that kind of grade. But they can pull you along the level, or down grade. But they could carry the bags, and I car? ried three big satch? els. 'Cause you never knew what you were go? ing to have before you. You had to have lots of stuff you didn't need. But you could deal fairly well with whatever you met. The dogs carried those over. Take a break frran yourch(??ies(4th Kentud'Ried Chicken! Kentucky Fried Chicken is a great reason for taking a break from any chores. Because it's so convenient Always ready, you just pick it up. Add Sonne of Colonel Sanders' tasty salads and golden brown French fries, and you've got the perfect reason to interrupt your yard-work, basement cleaning or window washing! Kentucky Fried Chicken is economical, too. And it's finger lickin... good chicken! Goodeiadten! Chicken Chalet Ltd. HVE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: Sydney Shopping Mall C.B. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River Sterling Mall, Glace Bay Blowers St., North Sydney Plummer Ave., New Waterford Between 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning we got to Pleasant Bay after walking over the mountain. And a fellow with a horse and sleigh drove me around. (Marie: A total of 32 flu patients.) So you were just from house to house. And two of those had massive pleural effusions, so I had to tap them, take the fluid off their chests. And the rest were not too bad? ly off. I had a lot of sulfa drug with me. Be? cause if it didn't do anything for the flu, it would likely pre? vent pmeumonia and pleurisy from occuring. And long before I fin? ished the last calls, I had used up the last of the sulfa drugs. At 10 o'clock that night, we came to a
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