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Page 19 - Searching for "Donald from Bras d'Or"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1 (823 reads)

Searching for Donald from Bras d'Or Everyone knows at least a verse or two of the song, "Donald from Bras d'Or." At least they know the chorus: Donald from Bras d'Or, Donald from Bras d'Or, So wild and so crazy, Was Donald from Bras d'Or! Some sang that chorus just a little differ? ently, something like: Donald from Bras d'Or, Donald from Bras d'Or, Wild and crazy, Drunk and lazy, Donald from Bras d'Or! Help Your Business Help Your Community EMPLOY INDUSTRIAL CAPE BRETON YOUTH JOB CORPS "Sponsored By The Industrial Cape Breton Board of Trade" STATED SIMPLY There is aid available to help you hire a com? petent, well-trained Youth Job Corps graduate. Your company will get a person with academic upgrading, a life skills program, good working habits, and career goals. Your community will get one more person with real experience in a work place, and a chance at a work future. Contact Us - We Care About the Future of Industrial Cape Breton WE ARE m AN EDUCATIONAL ALTERNATIVE FOR EMPLOYMENT PREPARATION !'!&V; INDUSTRIAL CAPE BRETON YOUTH JOB CORPS 2fi9 Charlotte St., Sydney 539-2630 However the chorus was sung, the song was very popular. We know it as a song of World War One, car? ried to Europe by the 185th Over? seas Battalion, Canadian Expedi? tionary Forces, Cape Breton High? landers . It was probably created while the 185th trained at Broughton, Cape Breton. In their songbook, it comes second only to "God Save the King," and is called "The 185th's Own Song." Here is the song as it was pub? lished in the songbook: When Donald came to Plaster Cove, He sit upon a hill. He see a Yankee fisherman Come sailing down the stream Says Donald "put your stewer down, and heave your vessel to. For I think I'd like to take a trip To the Bras d'Or Lakes wis you." Chorus: Donald from Bras d'Or, Donald from Bras d'Or, So wild and so crazy. Was Donald from Bras d'Or! When Donald got out in the bay. He was as sick as Hell, He said unto the Captain "I has a very bad sphell. The mackerel she'll be schoolin'. We'll all stand by the rail," ' Says Donald "I'll be shiggered And we'll hook him by the tail." When Donald get to Boston, He buy a suit of clothes, He throw away his homespuns Likewise his crooked brogues; He buy a pair of gaiters I think t'was size sixteen. For Donald like the Yankee girl What bake the Boston Bean. SONG CONTINUES (19)
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