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> Issue 39 > Page 26 - Beatrice T. MacNeil's Play: "The Dream"

Page 26 - Beatrice T. MacNeil's Play: "The Dream"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1 (269 reads)

no happiness and I'm too stubborn for content. Why ask of,1ife more than one golden hour? Whoever said that must have gone into overtime. (He is interrupted by a light tapping on the door. With Clara's picture still in his hand, he goes to' the door and opens it. Ayoung man's voice is heard off-stage.) VOICE: My friends and I seem to have missed the road to Baddeck. I wonder if you can help us out. MICKEY: Wonder no longer, young man. Drive east un? til you come to the junction. You can't miss it. YOUNG MAN: Thanks, mister. I hope I can do you a favour some time. MICKEY: (Half-smiling) Maybe you can at that, young fellow. If you meet three fat women on the road, run them over. (Mickey closes the door and returns Clara's pic? ture to the table. The laughter of young voices is heard off-stage. He returns to the rocking chair and stares at the floor in silence. He begins to speak as if to no particular audience.) MICKEY; Ah, the road to Baddeck. Many the inten? tions I took with me along the dust to Baddeck, and many the detentions still I could have gotten if some people knew what I was up to. (An older man's voice is heard before he knocks on the door.) OLDER MAN: Open the door, Mickey, the sun is grow? ing cold. (Murdock, his neighbour, enters the parlour and the two men engage in conversation. Murdock sits in the rocking chair, while Mickey sits on the edge of his bed.) MURDOCK; You got her locked up tighter than a Rus? sian's grudge. You expecting the devil or some? thing? MICKEY: Speaking of the devil, where have you been all day? MURDOCK: I had to go to town this morning to see the doctor about my ears. I'm getting so deaf, I can't hear the truth from a lie any more. (Both men break out in laughter.) MICKEY; How's the wife? MURDOCK; Do you want the truth or a lie? (Both men continue to laugh.) MURDOCK: She's stuck in front of those damn soap operas longer than the producers. Can you imagine (he pauses) in our day, you and me, Mickey, stuck in the front of the likes of that? Dine In the 18th Century! Dining at Fortress Louisbourg offers a unique experience to turn the clock back several hundred years. Food is pre? pared from authentic 18th Century recipes and served in the atmosphere of that era. L'Epee Royale (Inn) full course meals Hotel de la Marine (Cabaret) light nourishing fare Destouches House (Cafe) pastries and beverages King's Bakery freshly baked soldiers bread The Fortress of Louisbourg is a National Historic Park, open June 1st to September 30th, in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
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