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> Issue 39 > Page 29 - Beatrice T. MacNeil's Play: "The Dream"

Page 29 - Beatrice T. MacNeil's Play: "The Dream"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1 (289 reads)

MURDOCK: He died last'week. Word just came a day or so ago. MICKEY: He never did marry/did he? MURDOCK: No, that's one sin he won't have to an? swer for. (Pause) But it isn't all laughter. When Split died, he talked like he never did in his life. He never had a wife, you know, but I guess he did have a girl he should have married. (Pause) He met her at the Naval Base, during the war. He was 25 and she was maybe 5 or 6 years younger. A fine-looking girl from Ontario. An4 I guess they courted while men were at war and their hearts were at peace, but you know the difference that got in the Way should leave no scar on a man in love. Split was a Catholic and she was a Protes? tant and neither one of them would turn religion. MICKEY: Yes indeed, back then a woman could turn a man's head but she couldn't turn his religion. MURDOCK: It's a shame that what holds a man togeth? er can also tear him apart. MICKEY: Today it's different and it is for the best. MURDOCK: You know, no man should live single, man wasn't created to be alone, but at that time he did what a true Scotsman was likely to do--he said, forget it. (Pause) She returned to Ontario. A few years later, he heard she was quite ill. He wres? tled with the idea of going to Ontario, and I guess he died regretting that he never did. He felt there was nothing he could have done at that time, (pause) but he died knowing better. And she died. Never did marry. And her memory lingered. And he heard it like silence. And after 40 years he told that, something that had clung to him like *despair. Ashby Nurseries MICKEY: Maybe that's just the thing to do. Perhaps a man should take nothing to the grave but the skin and bones that wrap his own free will. MURDOCK: I must be going now--the herring and pota? toes will make it to the table during the next com? mercial. (He gets up and heads for the door. Mickey bids him good night and sends his regards to his wife. Closing the door behind him he goes over to the bed and sits. Putting his hands to his face, he begins to speak in slow, almost hushed tones.) MICKEY: Forty years. Split, and you never said a word. I'm damn sure (shaking his head) it wasn't Flossy. No, by God, she's still wearing cameos. You were quite a fella. Split, I wish I had your courage. (He lies on top of the covers. A few minutes pass before he closes his eyes and appears asleep. The sound of a violin is heard outside the door, fol? lowed by the sound of a woman's voice.) VOICE: Get up, Mickey, I have something to tell you. MICKEY: (Startled) What the hell was that, a bull caught in a fence? VOICE: Mickey, oh Mickey, I have something to tell you. MICKEY: I don't want to hear it. Get lost and take the squeaking rattle with you. VOICE: You used to like music. MICKEY: I still do. But that's not music, that's torture. '';''' 174 Ashby Rd. SYDNEY 564-8162 Incredible food! Incredible view! This outstanding resUurant offers LiVE LOBSTER from their own pound. Or you may want to enjoy a steak or chowder on Si the deck overlooking the Highlands and ?? only a 5 minute walk to historic St. Ann's Gaelic College. EXIT 11 SOUTH HAVEN on the Cabot Trail Your Prestige Florist for Quality and Service "Call on us for free consultation to make your occasion perfect!" Plummer Ave. /' NEW WATERFORD 862-3374 n St. Ann's Harbour, Cape Breton Nova Scotia BOE IBO Phone (902)295-3100 Druker Insurance 363 Charlotte St., Sydney . 562-5504 Mayflower Mall 564-1818 WILL INSURE VlimJALLy ANY CAR, HOUSE OR BUSINESS COMPARE. RATES. YOU COULD SAVE. .... t}'4ui Slelax Plione Toll Free 1-564-6000 BUDGET PLAN AVAILABLE IN EMERGENCY: Awie Druker, F.I.I.C. 564-6615 Nova Scotia C5sC Department of Health Cape Breton Health Unit Yes, these health services are available in your community: ??Dental Health Services "Public Health Inspection ??Prenatal Classes -Health Education -Nutrition Information ARICHAT 226-2944 NEW WATERFORD 862-2204 BADDECK 295-2159 NEIL'S HARBOUR OFFICE LOCATIONS CHETICAMP 224-2410 PORT HAWKESBURY 625-1693 GLACE BAY 849-4566 PORT HOOD 787-3302 INVERNESS 258-2100 Ext. 134 ST. PETERS 535-2026 MARGAREE 248-2198 SYDNEY MINES 736-6245 (29)
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