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Page 59 - Joseph D. Samson Tells an Old Tale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1 (164 reads)

t'enouaier en haut. J'ai ain idee que quand tu vas etre en haut, y'a deux hommes pour te haler pi y'allent pas renwoyer back le panier pour moi. Y'allent te gar- der la. Beh, j'm'en va garder ton souvenir. P't'etre que j'montrai en haut tcheque tains, tu sai pas. J'm'en va garder ton souvenir," Ca fa y restit dans le trou pi y I'enwayit. Quand qu'a fut en haut, les deux autres prit I'air avez la fille pi voulirent pas garder pour lui--voulirent pas enwaye le panier pour lui, Et pi c'ai suppose que y'avait ain aigle en dedans. 'a fa apra'ain 61ain, 1'aigle m'nu a lui yousque y'eta. Pi y dit a 1'aigle, y dit, "J'aimera attraper su le fa du trou pi j'ai pas de way a 1'attraper." C'ta une grosse aigle. Y dit, "Pourras-tu me monter su le trou? N'importe quoi ce tu me deman- dera pour me monter su le trou, j'te I'dounerai." L'aigle dit, "Ouai, j'te monterai su le trou si t'as ain quartchier de viande a me cheter dans le bee a tous les coups d'oeuil que je dounerai," Ca fa, y dit, "All right, si c'ai 9a que tu veux, j'm'en va aller le cri." Y rentre en dedain. A permier, y monte pi y tchu les (word missing) pour aouaire les quart- chiers. Y s'emna a yelle pi y dit, "All right. Si tu veux me monter su le trou, j'te feederai ta viande." Ca fa y saute su le dos de l'aigle avec sa viande, pi a toutes les coups qu'a douna ain coup d'oeuil, y y cheta ain morceau de viande dans le bee. Y'ang monte su le trou. Apra qui fut su le trou, c'eta pour aller trouver la fille pi le roi. C'ta lui qui I'ava delivree pi y'ava les proofs. Ca fa quand qui m'nu au roi, v'la justemain que y'en avait yain de zeux qui se grea pour se marier. Et pi y'aviang ain time la--ain festin pour le mariage. Quand qui rentrit, y dit au roi, "J'm'en apparcois que vous avez ain festin pour votre fille qu'a te delivree." Y dit, "Ouai, y'ang ete bang assez de de? livrer ma fille ca fa ils I'ont yu en mariage," "Beh," y dit, "yain qui'vous'monterra les proofs de qui ce qu'a delivre voute fille. So he said, "Will you be kind enough to give it to me, in case that I'll be able to pass you over, pass you up?" So, she gave it to him. And when he got through talking with her, there were 3 guys came around. So he just happened to lift his cane and hit them, so, he killed them. So he went as far as the hole with her, and he put her in the bas? ket , and he rang the bell for them to haul her up, to haul her up on deck. When they got (her) on the ground, when she got on the ground, she was so pretty and so nice- looking, they didn't want to send the bas? ket back to get the other guy. They wanted him to stay there. They didn't want to get him up. So anyhow, he was waiting for the basket to come down. No basket. Nobody was around to help him out. So he started going a- round in that hole--the hole was so big-- he started to go around the hole. First thing he met, he met the place where there were all kinds of cattle, animals, a funny kind. Cows and bulls and all kinds, horses, and all kinds of stuff underneath there. So he didn't want to bother too much there, he kept on, he was looking around. He found a place where there were all kinds of wagons, and cripes knows what was in there. So he said to himself, "It must be in this building somewhere." He met that Beast with Seven Heads. So, she was just going around the room where he was, trying to get him. But every time she used to fasten him, he used to hit her with his cane, and cut a head off. So he cut the 7 heads off the beast. And when the head was gone, he took his knife. And he took their tongues, of the 7 heads, and he put them in his pocket, put the tongues in his pocket. So, he kept on walking. And when he got far enough, he met an eagle, a big eagle. So he wanted to talk to the eagle, and he said to the eagle, he said, "Have you any chance for me to be climbing up the hole a- gain, going up on the ground once more?" She said, "No, The only thing I can tell you--I can take you up myself. But you've got to have a quarter meat to throw in my beak every time I flap my wings, in order to go up." So he said, "That's no trouble. If she INVERNESS by the Sea Inverness Lodge and Dining Room A quiet little Country Inn on the western shore of Cape Breton. Plan to stay with us, and lose yourself in scenery and serenity. And all are welcome to enjoy FINE DINING FOR LODGE GUESTS, AND FOR CAPE BRETONERS AND THEIR FRIENDS
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