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Page 62 - Advert: Stora

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1 (152 reads)

0NJUNE6J959 PLANS WERE UNVEILED FOR A NEW INDUSTRY ON CAPE BRETON ISLAND InvIT PLANSIoPIp MILL ACQUIRE SITE NEAR POINT TUPPER ''''''''''''gl • ?-|g • ||g| Stora Kopparberg MHMBHMHlMBMiliiM Ready To Proceed _ • i)l i?t$M;~-.-". *!'?' .- • %mm% ; ftw CwKtit""-':: "?'''"'?' '. ... Adenouer teats i .'l*t' : • ' fxHimti Down RdbeHtoft: Since that time there were a lot of changes within Nova Scotia Forest industries. The addition of a newsprint mill greatly increased employment and a new power boiler, unique in North America, allowed .the mill to conserve energy. Also the company became the second largest planter of trees in Canada On June27,1985,another change will take place with the unveiling of our new name Stora Forest Industries. This is an adaptation of our parent company's name, Stora Kopparberg of Sweden, the world's oldest incorporated company. The changes have been many throughout the years, however, our dedication to quality forest products and worlcplace safety will remain. STORA' Stora Forest Industries Port Hawkesbury, N.S. Producers of newsprint and bieaciied suipliite pulp
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