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Back Cover - Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1 (225 reads)

'''ilvlTg? Winston"Scotty" Fitzgerald NOTE: We want to make it clear that unlike last issue (where we offered a tape of Mike MacDougall), we DO NOT have a tape of Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald. Happily, Winston has made 5 LPs and a number of 78s--and the LPs are still available. All the tunes in this ar? ticle are taken from one LP, "Winston Fitzgerald and the Radio Entertainers" (CX34 Cel? tic Records). Paul Cranford's settings here are based on Winston's playing on that album, but are not to be considered precise transcriptions. Paul Cranford; I chose a couple of hornpipes because Winston loves tricky hornpipes. Winston would use horn? pipes in a set in the same way that others would often use a reel. For square-dancing, he'd sometimes mix them in medleys with reels. Both these hornpipes are probably from the late 19th century. The second one, THE ARTHUR SEAT, is one of Skinner's compositions. And I think the first one, ALEX R. FINLEY, was in the Miller O'Hirn Collection. They're obviously not something you'd play as a medley, since they're in differ? ent keys. Alex R. Finley Hornpipe The Arthur Seat Hornpipe J. Scott Skinner i'''msiinWiUj'aa' rri'jT'ii'p'rrnrrr;"'' More Fiddle Tunes and Text on Page 71
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