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Page 16 - Advert: Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/8/1 (336 reads)

AVAILABLE AT LAST! THE SIXTH COLLECTORS' EDITION Issues 30 through 34 in One Book ?? $6.50 LIFE STORIES: Mabel Dubbin, V.O.N. * Bill Daye, Painter * James D. Gil lis * Janie Nicholson, Midwife * Leslie Shedden, Photographer * Wilfred Poirier, Lobster Buyer * Bowden Murphy, Fisherman * Bill Fraser, R.C.M.P. * Frank Jackson of North Sydney PEOPLE AND THEIR WORK; Mining at Gold Brook * Mine Rescue Team * Walter Dugas and His Fence * Alex John Boudreau & the Co-op Move? ment * Horses in the Coal Mines FOLK TALES: Sorcery around Cheticamp * George LeBrun * Sea Ser? pents * Art Severance: Truthful Paul * Joseph Samson: "Guillaume sans Peur" * Micmac Tale: "The Magical Dancing-Doll" NATURAL HISTORY: The Banding of Eagles * John Erskine: "Under the Forest" HISTORY, SPOKEN & WRITTEN: Cape Bretoners in World War One * Ship? wrecks on the Fourchu-Framboise Coast * William & Mary Crowdis, Northeast Margaree * European Impact on Micmac Culture * Cartier & the Cape Breton Shore * Letter from Big Bras d'Or, 1830 * Capt. Holland's Plan for Cape Breton, 1767 * Capt. David A. McLeod's Early Years * Yvon LeBlanc, Architect, Fortress of Louisbourg Back Issues Available Issues 1 to 29 (except 2,5,19,26) each $1.00 Down North The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine DOWN NORTH: The Book of Cape Breton's Maga? zine is a selection of over 50 stories (plus a new Introduction) taken mostly from the early issues of Cape Breton's Magazine. A lot of our readers will want this book be? cause it is a permanent collection with al? most 400 photos and illustrations, printed on white book paper and, of course, with no advertisements. It makes a great gift of Cape Breton. PAPERBACK $12.95 HARDCOVER $19.95 Subscriptions: 4 ISSUES IN CANADA 4 ISSUES (FOREIGN) $8.00 $9.00 Mike MacDougall's [Tape for Fr. Hector Cassette Tape Offer "Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector" is an hour-long good qual? ity cassette, produced by Ingonish fiddler Mike MacDougall and his long-time guitar accompanist Tim Donovan. It is available only by mail from CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE. You may also wish to order Issue 38, which includes comments on each of the tunes on the tape, and transcriptions based on 9 of these tunes. Issue 38 costs $1.75. CASSETTE TAPE $5.50 plus handling (50' in Canada, $1.00 foreign) SEND CHEQUE OR MONEY ORDER TO Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE • CAPE BRETON • NOVA SCOTIA BOG IHO Edited & Published by Ronald Cap!an with the help of Bonnie Thompson AUGUST 1985 Our thanks to Carol Kennedy, North Shore, who printed most of the photographs for this issue. (16)"
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