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> Issue 40 > Page 24 - Dr. Austin MacDonald: How We Got the Hospital Down North

Page 24 - Dr. Austin MacDonald: How We Got the Hospital Down North

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/8/1 (297 reads)

and they just couldn't believe it would ev? er happen. Nothing ever happened down there to them, you see. But when they saw that it was going to happen, they went all out. (You were excited about it, too.) Oh, sure. I was excited about it for 10 years. But never in all those 10 years did the thi*ig come to a halt. There was this group that kept it going, and the same group from be? ginning to end. As it became nearer comple? tion, a lot more people joined the effort, a lot of people did. Okay. In 1953, November, we opened it. And we moved all our stuff up from the Buchan? an house into the new hospital. There were hundreds of people there. The women put on- a big bean supper down in the basement of the new hospital. Again, fund-raising. No? body getting anything free! And by the time we finished with that and opened the next day, in the new hospital, we had paid off about $110,000 of $145,000 that the whole bill came to. Today this would cost a million bucks for that unit, at least. But that's what it cost at that time. And two years later, in 1955--I had been thinking of it for some time--I wanted to go away and refresh my medical knowledge. 'Cause it was getting kind of rusty in com? parison to young fellows who used to come in the summer, embarrass me! We now had a hospital. It would be no trouble to get a young doctor to come there to replace me. So t started a residency in the V.G. (in Sydney's Alive in'85! City of Sydney Bicentennial1785-1985 Every Friday in 1985 is Costume Day in Sydney The whole island is invited to join us in costume!! TIME CAPSULE 2010: ,For TIME CAPSULE ENVELOPES ($5.00 each) and Ideas kit, contact the SYDNEY BICENTENNIAL OFFICE, 475 George St., Sydne/, N.S. BIP 6H7 (539-1985). Return envelopes by December 31, 1985. Join in Sydney's BIRTHDAY BASH! ALL OF 1985! .L OF 1985!!' SALUTE TO LABOUR WEEK AUGUST 11-17 Aug. 11: Church Service--labour's role in city's religious life Afternoon Concert, Wentworth Park Aug. 12-17: Free Movies Every Morning in 5 Local Theatres (12-13: kids' cartoons; 14-17: labour oriented films) All Week at Steelworkers' Hall: ethnic displays, videos, and mini labour art gallery Aug. 17: Opening of Mini-Park on Bentinck St.; Unveiling of Memorial Cairn to Working People; Supper Dance at Steelworkers' Hall BUY IT NOW AND PAY NEXT YEAR! Home Furnishings Colour TVs VCRs Stereos Appliances The Digital Audio Disc by Hitachi (the Pure Sound) ??No Payment • No Down Payment • No Interest Charge Until 1986 With Approved Credit and a $299 Minimum Purchase J.R.R1UIEV FURNITURE STORES Kings Road SYDNEY RIVER Commercial Street NORTH SYDNEY Main Street SYDNEY MINES
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