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> Issue 40 > Page 68 - Smelt Fishing on the North River Ice

Page 68 - Smelt Fishing on the North River Ice

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/8/1 (368 reads)

Jackie: You'll get about a week of good tides. And then you'll get a week of these nip tides. If you were standing right at the net all the time, that's the only way you could fish them. But you don't get the amount of fish on those tides either. There's a channel (in the North River), and you've got to set in the deep water in the channel. Raymond: And the trap has got to be set according to the turns in the channel. The channel's all curved. We gen? erally set it on either the inside of the channel, where the fish are pushed to the outside. And then another turn you'd set it so you'd get them where they sweep in. The channel here is about 100 feet wide and it's about--right there where we're fishing • it's about 25 feet deep. But clear of the channel, there's only about 3 feet, 4 feet of water. ''Ifieabreakfixxnl Kentud'Ried Chicken! Kentucky Fried Chicken is a great reason for taking a break from any chores. Because its so convenient. Always ready, you just pick it up. Add some of Colonel Sanders tasty salads and golden brown French fries, and you've got the perfect reason to interrupt your yard-work, basement cleaning or window washing! Kentucky Fried Chicken is economical, too. And it's finger lickin... good chicken! GooddOtkem Chicken Chalet Ltd. nVE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: Sydney Shopping Mall C.B. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River Sterling Mall, Glace Bay Blowers St., North Sydney Plummer Ave., New Waterford Jackie: We have our marks on the trees on the shore so we know exactly where to put it every year, (Did you go out some time before there was ice, and look at, poke away and feel.,.?) Don- nie Smith: We've been looking at it all our life, Raymond: Yeah, you can see the chan? nel right clear, Don- nie: When the tide is dead low, the channel is the only water there is left. Then you can see it. If you come down here some day in the summertime, in the real low tide, you'll see the way the channel comes into the shore there, then out where we are--it goes out, almost to the mid? dle, and there's anoth? er branch goes over to where Dan K. lived, and then the other one goes right up there by the point where Jackie is. Raymond: The tide goes right in here and raises it about 4% feet here, the water here. Jackie: The fish follow along these channels, Raymond: They're feeding. They go up to feed on the flats. Towards the mouth of the river. Jackie: There's only about half a dozen nets on the river now, every winter. There was one time there used to be all kinds of them there. Some-
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