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Page 21 - Searching for Cape Breton Folk Songs

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/1/1 (329 reads)

Their women and their children, their hearts were filled with joy To see their husbands go to work, likewise then every boy. Before daybreak the next morning which caused them to turn pale To see those breakers burning o'er the mines of Avondale. From here and there and everywhere they gathered in a crowd The women tearing out their hair and crying this aloud, "Bring out our husbands and our sons, for death is going to steal Their lives away without delay in the mines of Avondale." A consolation then was held to see who would go down To search for their dead comrades all smothered underground. Two Welsh-bred boys without delay, and courage stout and bold And down this dismal shaft they went in the mines of Avondale. They had not reached the bottom for their hearts were filled with fear. Oh one of them died for the want of air, the other in great dismay. They made a sign to hoist them up to tell the woeful tale That all was lost forever in the mines of Avondale. Oh sixty-six of that number all in one heap was found Oh wasn't that an awful sight all smothered underground A father and his son clasped in his arms so pale Wasn't that a hard, heart's-rendering sight in the mines of Avondale. Now to conclude and make an end those numbers I'll pen down A hundred and ten of brisk young men all smothered underground They're in their graves till their last day the widows weep and wail Their orphans' cries they ring the skies all over Avondale. THE FAMILY HERALD: "The Mines of Avondale" refers to a disaster in Avondale, Pennsylvania, Sept. 6, 1869. Sydney ' North Shopping lOU* • • make the difference Sydney Centre l'OiiS,*. faites toute la difference Mall PRINCE STREET • ? '-w' • • • icm.issp • ?*w.??i' .w w.. w. v ww KING STREET Sydney North Sydney (22) CRANBERRY HEAD i ' 1 ??Miifeif!' Stories and Paintings - '''''''??'"''' In'liflH''*' 'hH''H'L' '&Hi;'vi by Ellison Robertson CRANBERRY HEAD is a collection of seven original short stories and 1 twenty-five reproductions of paintings 1 by the author. 1 Ellison Robertson is a native Cape 1 Bretoner whose paintings and writings 1 reflect both a contemporary and histor- 1 ical view of Cape Breton life with 1 particular emphasis on the working 1 class people of the island. 1 Mr. Robertson has illustrated several 1 books, including the popular Cape 1 Breton ook of Days, and will exhibit 1 his paintings in a major one-man show 1 at the University College of Cape 1 Breton Art Gallery this September. He 1 has previously published stories in 1 "The Cape Breton Collection" and the 1 "Antigonish Review". 1 To order send cheque or money order 1 for $10.95 to: University College of Cape Breton Press, P.O. Box 5300, 1 Sydney, Nova Scotia, BIP 6L2.
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