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Page 44 - A New Tape Offer! "Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/1/1 (318 reads)

Complete Contents: "Cape Breton Plddlers on Early LPs" Johnny Wilmot Theresa MacLellan Dan Joe Maclnnis Dan R. MacDonald Donald MacLellan DAN R. MACDONALD, accompanied by Lila Hashem, Ro? deo LP 59. First Medley • CORMORONIES RANT: A strathspey composed by Daniel Dow, first published in the 1770s. LORD KINNARD: Traditional Scottish reel found in almost every major collection. RANDY WIFE OF GREENLAW: Reel; comes from Ryan's Mammoth Collection, 1883, which was condensed in 1940 to 1000 Fiddle Tunes. Second Medley • DAN GALBEY'S REEL: Usually a two- part tune, Dan R. uses slight variations to make it a four-part tune. It evolved from the two-part strathspey, "John Roy Stewart." MRS. GRANT OF CUL- LENHOUSE: Reel; played here exactly as written by William Marshall. accompanied by Mildred Leadbeater, JOHNNY WILMOT. Rodeo LP 47. First Medley • LORD GORDON'S REEL: Or? iginally published as a strathspey in 1780 in Gum? ming 's Collection as "Craig Elachie." Also, in the same year, was published by McGlashan as "Duke of Gordon's Rant." Johnny's variations were inspired by Michael Coleman's 78 r.p.m. recording. Second Medley • Jigs. BOTTLE OF PUNCH: See the mu? sic transcription. BANKS OF MOY is a three-part setting of an Irish jig sometimes called "Ships Are Sailing." A two-part setting in the Key of G is common among modem players. MOLLY BRANNIGHAN: See the music transcription. Third Medley • Irish reels. TOM WARD'S DOWNFALL and JACKSON'S REEL. DONALD MACLELLAN, accompanied by Marie MacLellan, Celtic LP 35. First Medley • STRATHSPEY: (Tradition? al). DUNT THE GRUND AT LEISURE: Strathspey. THE LASSIE WITH THE YELLOW COATIE: A reel first printed in 1757 in Bremner's Collection and later published in the Key of D by Neil Gow. Donald's playing here is a Cape Breton setting. REEL: (Tra? ditional) This tune is on a Dan Joe Maclnnis album under the title "The Burning of the Bridge." Second Medley • This group of strathspeys and reels is played in raised bass (AEAE tuning). DUNCAN'S TRIP TO THE COAL MINES: See the music transcrip? tion. HOCH HEY JOHNNY LAD: Strathspey. THE LEA RIG: First published as "My Ain Kind Dearie" in Bremner's Collection. TRADITIONAL REEL: See the music transcription. DAN JOE MACINNIS, accompanied by Doug MacPhee, Cel? tic LP 14. First Medley • Two Strathspeys: GLEN GRANT ("Mrs. Grant of Glenquaitch") and LUCY CAMP? BELL. The latter is a bagpipe setting of a strath? spey that was first published in the Key of F as "Lady Mary Menzies" and Key o' D as "Pudding Mag? gie." Later strathspey settings evolved in the Key of D, and in the 20th century Irish musicians have CONTINUED NEXT PAGE (45)
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