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Page 8 - Lexie O'Hare Went to Boston

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1 (325 reads)

whole thing, going to be auctioned off. I got in touch with them, and I told them not to sell a thing until I saw it. And I went over to the auction and I bought the whole thing. I bought all the stuff. They had a big house, a 14-room house.. See, I had a 14-room house and nothing to put in it. I wish you could see what I got--the • furniture and stuff, marble-topped tables and all that business, you know. And every? thing was solid mahogany. I moved all this into my house. And then my house was all set up, and all the bedrooms, bureaus and everything. And that beautiful furniture... We ranged (the hens) out all summer. There had to be 75 to a shelter. And then we put up a little laying box in case they had eggs to lay, or else they'd go in the grass or in the bushes. Just a couple of little steps and just one laying box over? head. Rough lumber, you know. When the chickens were to be put out, it took about three days to train them, 75, to go where you wanted them to go. (How did you train them?) I just put them there. And my niece herded them. Did this three nights, and af? ter that they'd go. But once in awhile, one would climb up in a tree, not a tall Comfortable, Open Fireplace Dining Room Historic Telegraph House and Motel Ltd. Est. 1861 - Five Generations of the Dunlop Family Baddeck, Nova Scotia BOE IBQ Telephone 295-9988 Cape Breton Woolen Mills Mill Store and Gift Shop (8) Yarn Made on the Premises * Local Handcrafts A Large Variety of Hand Knit Sweaters OPEN YEAR ROUND: Men. - Fri., 9-5 JUNE TO OCTOBER: Mon. - Sat., 8 - 6 Drop in, or write for shade cards and price lists. MAIL ORDERS WELCOMED Cape Breton Woden Mills Ltd. R. R. No. 1, Irish Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOA IHO (902) 828-2776 tree. And my dog, that wonderful dog I had, she knew, and she'd go to the foot of the tree and she'd bark. Sure enough, one I didn't get, I'd get the chicken down and put him in where he should be. And after that, after three nights, each chicken went in its own coop. And when they started to lay, we took them in and we put them in the laying house, you know, those two floors. Of course eve? rything had to be cleaned out before that, fumigated. And they had long windows that pushed out. They had to have so much air, because chicken dropping creates a mois? ture. We had to have a foot of sand and a foot of shavings, and the place all fumi? gated. The chickens are taken in from the range in boxes and trucks, you know--we had crates for them--and put in their places. (You'd pick up thousands of eggs every day.) Oh yes. Buckets of eggs--we had two buckets, carried them in. And then down cellar, all underneath that house, we had to grade them and clean them. We didn't have to candle them at first, you know-- the law didn't call for that. And we put them in the egg crates. Then I had so many roosters in a group of that many hens. And I went over to Manches? ter Agriculture and learned to sex the roosters. Nothing to it. And I raised them We hope to continue with the same friendly crew. To serve friends & neighbours • hope that includes you! George's ENTERPRISES & LAUNDROMAT BADDECK inffiMpKieMm riiraii-riiiHi'j'i*'! 'TzmSS''Sfcil m SYDNKY 87 Industrial Drive 539-8779 The Kitchen Proiesionals' ~ Over 35 Years Comtxned Expenence UPPER PRINCE ST ~ GRAND LAKE RD 4- Remodelling one of the most important rooms in the house is a big project. Making the most of every inch of counter space and cupt>oards. Building in appliances. The choice of cabinet design and hardware. Don't settle for stock sizes and sale cabinets when we can help you custom design the perfect . kitchen at substantial sale savings. Bring in your 'measurements and your ideas.
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