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> Issue 42 > Page 24 - Gordon Nash: DOSCO Miner Introduction

Page 24 - Gordon Nash: DOSCO Miner Introduction

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1 (413 reads)

ents, do the same thing in some other way, or be making the same thing. You've only got so long nowadays before the competi? tion catches up with you, new idea. But he had only so long to get the coal company in the black. And you see, it had all these other troubles. Then they used to sell coal to Ontario Hydro. And that went off. I don't know all the details about the marketing end; they had troubles in the marketing end. (What took the Dosco Miner out of the mines?) Well, the present machine, which is called a "shearer"--a poor name--but it's simpler. As you said, it grabs the coal out--I think you used that term. (I was talking about the Dosco Miner chewing.) Yes, well, this chews it out, only, in? stead of the picks being on a chain, like on a chain saw, they're on a drum. That's the main difference. The drum turns, and it's much simplero So the maintenance is less. It's the same with automobiles. You only last so long, and then somebody brings out a better one' You can't expect to remain in front all the timeo (And this was a clear improvement on the Dosco Min? er.) Well, it depends what you mean by clear. The main thing was, it had less maintenance, it was more reliable • And it had other characteristics that were better. (Is there a Dosco Miner anywhere in the world today?) Not that I know of. They did have one out at the Miners' Museum. But I took Mr. Russell out, and it wasn't a regu? lar one, it was one they'd been experiment? ing with, it wasn't a standard one. A Dosco Miner prototype is on display on the grounds of the Miners' Museum, Quarry Point, Glace Bay. Our thanks to Pam Newton, Point Edward, for her help in preparing this article. The photograph of the Dos? co Miner is from Mining Photographs and Other Pictures (photographs by Leslie Shedden), available at book? stores, or from the University College of Cape Breton Press, P. 0. Box 5300, Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 6L2. Suppliers of Commercial Recreational Fencing P. 0. Box 98, King St., North Sydney, N. S. B2A 3M1 794-4773 JSuC "Have our auger truck dig your holes." A Neighbourhood Store in a Beautiful Village Neil's Harbour CO-OP Connors Office Products Office Supplies - Furniture - Machines Distributors of IBM Typewriters & Supplies BUY * RENT * LEASE PURCHASE (902)562-7900 386 Charlotte St., Sydney WELCOME TO THE FULLY LICENSED Harbour Restaurant (Under New Management) OPEN ALL YEAR 'ROUND Dining Room Overlooking Cheticamp Harbour Cheticamp, Cape Breton * 224-2042 A Good Selection of Seafood (24)
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