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Page 55 - "George Alfred Beckett": Story & Song

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1 (264 reads)

Beckett asked Cavenaugh for the loan of $5.00. They were in front of the Salvation Army Hall. He said he was hungry, and Ca? venaugh said, "I will give you the price of a supper." Beckett said, "I have a crowd of friends in this town and they are all af? ter you"--and took the $2.00. In court, Cavenaugh said he kept go? ing in the direction of the Glo? ry Cafe--"I did not want to be seen around there with him." So Beckett was on the street, ap? parently broke. He was seen lurk? ing at Campbell's Comer. After the murder, some who had seen him there realized that he had taken at least one other taxi driver out for a trial run. He probably did not know Nicholas Marthos. It was Marthos's turn to take the next fare, which hap? pened to be George Alfred Beckett. Beckett hired him to drive him out to Tower Road. When he stopped the cab, Beckett bludg? eoned him with an iron bar. "I reached over the seat, took $60.00 out of his pockets, took his gold watch and chain." Marthos was found by Mr. and Mrs Lynk. They were on their way home from church. The car would have attracted attention, as it was partly on a small bridge near the S&L; Railroad crossing. The lights were on, Andrew Lynk: "I thought he was sleeping or drunk. And my wife listened and she said he breathes We Buy and We Sell and We're as Near as Your Telephone Sid s Used Furniture Phone 564-6123 436 Charlotte Street, Sydney 46 MODERN UNITS Swimming Pool Air Conditioning Tour Buses Welcome Seallsland Motel and Dining Room (Licensed) Seafood our specialty 674-2418 Located between Baddeck and Sydney Overlooking the Bras d'Or Lakes Country Living at the Seal Island Bridge or snores more like a person choking," Mrs. Lynk spotted blood on the running board. They didn't look closer, but went for a telephone, called the police. Officers Mac? Donald and Roberts recognized Marthos, moved him from behind the wheel, and drove the cab to the hospital?? Marthos was still alive in the hospital room. Dr. F. W. Green testified that there were 5 or 6 wounds to the left side of the head, "one or two very severe.... De? pressed and lacerated wound about one inch above the ear on the left side extending through the scalp and bony substance, into the brain..,. We attended his wounds, Phone (902) 794-7251 Cable BRENNANS Telex 019-35149 Night 6e Holiday 736-8479 794-3178 ''0 Brennans ''j Travel Agency <4ssoc' 158 QUEEN STREET, NORTH SYDNEY STEAMSHIP -- AIRLINE -- RAIL AND HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS Druker Insurance Charlotte St., Sydney . . . 562-5504 Mayflower Mall. . . . . . . 564-1818 WIUiNSURE VIRTUALLY ANY CAR, HOUSE OR BUSINESS COMPARE. RATES. YOU COULD SAVE. Phone Toll Free 1-564-6000 BUDGET PLAN AVAILABLE IN EMERGENCY: Awie Druker, F.I.I.C. 564-6615 (55)
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