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Page 66 - A Shipwreck at Canso, 1629

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1 (477 reads)

gone, we stayed with them the rest of Au? gust and all the month of September. On the first of October, an Indian came to tell the captain that, if he did not sail, he ran a risk of being taken by the Eng? lish. This news made him give up his fish? ing, and prepare for the voyage home. The same Indian told us that Captain Daniel was building a house twenty-five leagues off, and had some Frenchmen there with one of our fathers. Father Vieuxport had al? ready pressed me very hard to let him stay with this Indian, who was really one of the best that could be found. I now told him, "Here, father, is a means of satisfy? ing your reverence. Father Vimont will not be sorry to have a companion. This Indian offers to take you to Daniel's place; if you wish to stay there, you may; if you wish to spend a few months with the Indi- COME HOME TC) KENT From the instant you step into a Kent Home, you know you've crossed the border from the ordinary to the extra? ordinary. Here will be homes which are nothing short of a miracle in today's world of high priced homes. Impressive, inspiringly designed homes. With distinctive appealing exteriors and superb well-planned interiors. But at Kent, we want you to shop around. Look at what everyone else has to offer. Look at their designs, their floor plans, their prices and especially... their quality. Look at everything you get Inside and out Then... Visit Kent You'll want a home- ' Kent Homes Helping to build Atlantic Canada for over 25 years builder that has made a commitment to quality... the kind of commitment that Kent Homes has made for over 25 years. Look at our homes closely. Compare design and engineering. Compare standard features. Compare construction details. And then compare value. Kent quality homes are built for Jife. Start living. COME HOME TO VALUE. COME HOME TO KENT. Visit our model homes today. Special showings avanable by appoint? ment or if your prefer well visit you at your hioiTie. MODEL HOME AND SALES OFFICE: Sydney Sydney-Glace Bay Highway. 539-4219 R. R. #4, Site 8. Comp. 9, Sydney, N. S. BIP 666 OPEN HOURS: Mon.-Fri.: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. . to 5:00 p.m. Saturday: 1 Sunday: 1:0 ans and leam the language, you may do so, and both Father Vimont and yourself will be satisfied." The good father was quite delighted at the opportunity, and set off in the Indian's canoe, I let him have all we had saved, except the large painting which our Basque captain had taken, and which I would have made him give up, if an? other disaster had not befallen us. We left the coast on the sixth of October, and after more violent storms than I had yet ever seen, on the fortieth day of our voyage, as we were entering a port near San Sebastian in Spain, we were a second time wrecked. The vessel went into a thou? sand pieces, and all the fish was lost. All that I could do was to get into a boat in slippers and nightcap as I was, and, in that guise, go to our Father's at San Se? bastian ?? I left there a week after, and, on the 20th of the present month, reached Bourdevac, near Bordeaux, Such was the issue of our voyage, by which you may see how great reason we have to be thankful to God. Charles Lalemant, S. J. Bordeaux, November 22, 1629. This letter was translated by John Gilmary Shea from Champlain*s 1632 Voyages, and is taken from the book Perils of the Ocean and Wilderness. Our thanks to Mary Fraser, Sydney, for telling us a- bout this book. Fr. Gabriel Lalemant was born in Paris in 1587, and entered the Society of Jesus at 22. While a missionary on Mount Desert Island, Maine, he was taken prisoner; later, he served in Canada, After his two shipwrecks, he returned to Quebec and be? gan a school. In France, he served as rector of colleges in Rouen, La Fleche, and Paris, and was Superior of the Professed House in Paris when he died at the age of 87. THE GIANT MACASKILL museum AND CRAFT SHOP CLOTHING FURNITURE PHOTOGRAPHS OPEN: May 16 to Oct, 15, 9 A,M. to 9 P.M. Daily ADMISSION: $2/person * $5/famny * Group Rates 2.5 km. from Englishtown Ferry on Route 312 STOP AT DINO'S fresh baked goods * souvenirs magazines * film * charcoal gifts * novels * camp fuel * ice Ingonish STAY AT One Stop Store & Restaurant DINO'S Trailer Park Laundromat * close to the National Park Ingonish Stores To Serve You CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA SYDNEY RIVER lliltllH rtJalUr II ly 'Fl'' The crossroads of Cape Breton Sobeys & Shopper's Drug Mart "''''''' ' '"<* ' (66) Open Daily tillOp,!!!. PiMityOfFrM Pmffkt9
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