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Page 79 - With Archie Neil Chisholm or Margaree Forks

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Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1 (853 reads)

Archie Neil Chisholmirt home. On "The wall behind him are two of the several awards he has received in recognition of his work for the disabled . and his general service to his community. you're on the road, I'm going to arrest the two of you.' Never touched the wine. "The fellow ran all the rest of the way home, with me, and I wasn't too light at the time. And we made the gate there at our place just as the constable went down!" But I embellished it quite a bit when I was telling them. And the first thing, they were just roaring and laughing. And Fr. Webb said he didn't know how in blazes I had done it, but he said, "I laughed my? self till I was sick when I heard the story." And it was true. Actually true. It was a fight, in a way • But the funny part of it is that, even now, I don't con? sider myself crippled. Well yes, handi? capped, and I know I'm crippled and all of that. But it never bothers me. I challenge the world to find out if anybody ever heard me whining or saying, Why should I be crippled? It was my lot, and that was it, and I took it that way. You may think that I'm trying to be--I don't know what word to use--trying to be impressive when I say this. But I owe eve- rything--as far as I'm concerned--I owe everything to God. And I often thank God, when I say my prayers--if it was a cross, and I use that term--for giving me this cross to bear. As He's my witness, I'm telling you that, that there's not a night that I don't thank Him for giving me this. Because I might have been in the peniten? tiary if I wasn't crippled. God knows what would have happened. If it was a cross to bear, well, I thank Him for giving me the strength to carry it and not to worry a- bout it, see. And I'm talking frankly. (Ybu have no quarrel with God.) No quarrel whatsoever. It made me, I think, better to be crippled. Because I could get, probably, a better view on life from my point of view, from the wheelchair--I know what the other fellow is going through. It gives me a better understanding of the people who are handicapped like myself, and to try to help them. The biggest handicap I had wasn't being crippled, it was the handicap of booze. Our thanks to Brian Sutcliffe CBI Radio, Sydney, who tirst suggested that we visit" with Archie Neil Chisholm. Moraf f's Yarns n' Crafts Wools, Synthetics & Blends by • Mary Maxim • Patons • Bernat • Emu • Lopi • J??9Q91 • White Buffalo • Nomotta 100% Wool from New Brunswick Prince Edward Island - Cape Breton ASK TO SEE Angora Camel Hair Alpaca Mohair Linen Blends Cashmere D.M.C. Counted X-Stitch Tapestries Crewel Large Inventory of Craft Supplies and Patterns Op?ndaily 9:30a.m. • 5:30p.m. Friday* until 9:00 p.m. Mail Ordars Filled Threads for Ennbroidery. Crocheting. Weaving, Tatting & Ouilting "A World of Yarn at Your Fingertips" Now with 2 Locations to Serve You: CB. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River (539-5949) 752 Victoria Rd., Sydney (564-8339) Incredible food! Incredible view! This outstanding restaurant offers LiVE LOBSTER from their own pound. Or you may want to enjoy a steak or chowder on the deck overlooking the Highlands and only a 5 minute walk to historic St. Ann's Gaelic College. EXIT 11 SOUTH HAVEN on the Cabot Trail St. Ann's Harbour, Cape Br-'ton 1 Nova Scotia BOE IBO I Phone (902)295-3100 (79)
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