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Page 46 - Dan Angus Beaton: a Gaelic Tale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/8/1 (400 reads)

ged a chaillinn an ceann far na gualainn. Cha do chum mise mo ghealltanas idir. Chan fhan mise stigh san aite mhor tha thall gus an caill mi'n ceann far na gualainn, Cha bhi tamhachd dhomhsa anns an t-saoghal thall gus an eirich dhomhsa mar a gheall mi, Rud tha agadg' ri dheanamh, 'se'n ceann a chuir dhiomsa leis a' chlaidheamh a th'agad an sin • " "Ni mise sin dhuit mas e sin tha dhith ort." "Dar a ni thu e," ars esan, "fagaidh tu an claidheamh na laighe air m'amhaich gus an fhuaraich an fhuil 's cha chluinn 's chan fhaic duine mise gu brath tuilleadh." Thog Raghnall Mac Ailein Oig gu h-ard an claidheamh 's le aon "swing," bha'n ceann dheth. Dh'fhag e'n claidheamh air an a- mhaich gus an do dh'fhuaraich an fhuil, sguir a' bhruidhinn 'sa fuaim 's chan fhac e sian tuilleadh. Bha'n fheadhainn air a' bhata deanamh deis- eal gu falbh--cha robh duil aca gu faic? eadh iad Raghnall gu brath tuilleadh, ach chunnaic iad a' tighinn e 's chaidh e air a' bhata: agus theirig an eughach agus theirig an naidheachd, agus sin agad e. Dan Angus and Catherine Beaton of Blackstone nothing. He finally was getting closer and closer to the voice. At last he came into a little clearing--the graveyard. He got over, right to'where the voice was. And here was the body of a man sticking out of the grave, about that much • Up to his waist. Sticking out of the grave. Well, He told him who he was. And Ronald said to him, "They tell me that you were calling for me for over 200 years." He says, "Yes. I have." "Why me?" "Because I knew that you'd be the only man that would have the courage to come here and do what I want done." Now. Yes. "What is it you want done?" "Raghnall," he said, "I'll tell you. When I was a young man, I was going with a girl. And I gave her a death promise, a life promise, that I'd lose my head from my shoulders before I'd break it." He said, "And I didn't keep that promise to her. I cannot get rest in the other world until this happens. I've got to lose the head from the shoulders before I can get in there, have rest in the other world. Now what I want you to do is to take your sword," he says, "and chop my head off. And when you do, leave the sword lay on my neck till the blood gets cold. Now when you do that, you'll hear my voice no more." "Well," Ronald said, "if that's all you want done, I'll oblige you." And he took the sword and he swung her, and off comes the head. And he let the sword lay on the neck until the blood did get cold. And they never heard the voice no more. And the fellows on board ship were saying, "We'll never see that man." And they were wondering who was going to take the ship out after the weather would calm down. When, the first thing they knew, he was coming back and going aboard. And that's the end of that story. Our thanks to Effie MacCorquodale Rankin, Mabou, for her transcription of Dan Angus Beaton's Gaelic tale. WE'RE HOT TO TROT Restaurant Light Lunches to Full Course Meals Licensed Lounge Facilities Great Family Racing 3 nights a week! IPOSTTIMEl 7:30 p.m. I Entertainment Monday, Thursday and Saturday Tartan Downs Prince St. Sydney, N.S. Reservations 564-8465 Ramsay's Honda Shop 539-7644 * 480 GRAND LAKE RD., SYDNEY * 539-17'0 Complete Line of 3- & 4-Wheeled Vehicles for Year Round Use Available Accessories: Trailers, Snowplows, Mowers * Great Utility Vehicles * * Great for Hunting & Fishing * HONDA, nrrif BidetheBoaghCoimlzjii ffoasi located 1/2 mile off the Cabot Trail at Neil's Harbour 336-2228 Enjoy jour favorite
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