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> Issue 43 > Page 60 - With Lexie O'Hare, Big Intervale (Part Two)

Page 60 - With Lexie O'Hare, Big Intervale (Part Two)

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/8/1 (166 reads)

well, we'd use the next one's lasts, if our feet were growing. But we went bare? footed an awful lot. And my feet are just like my hands. I can do that with all my toes. (Spread them out like that.) There isn't a bunion, there isn't a callous, there isn't a com. (Were things ever seen in Forest Glen, un? usual things?) Yes, they used to see a lot of things. I'm psychic, myself. There's things that happened, as a child. When my JEather used to go away in the wintertime-- this was the very first I knew. We had a great big red collie dog. And you know, a dog in those days was one of the family. We thought so much of it. And he always-- this night he wouldn't come in. I slept with my mother and Maggie--you know, she was a baby at that time. And the dog started barking. And I said, "My father is coming home tonight." Now, we didn't know he was coming. We didn't hear. Probably got a chance and didn't know. Usually he would let us know. I said, "He's at the lower field right now." She said, "Oh, sshh--keep still, go to sleep." "He's at the upper field now." And we had a cold spring and a brook. The brook we used for every day and the cold spring we used to be drinking. And I said, "He's at the cold spring right now." After awhile I said, "He's at the brook now. And now," I said, "he's at the bam." I said, "He's stepping on the piazza." With that we heard the bang on the door. And I jumped out of bed and there was my father. Now that's the first I've ever. But I didn't think too much of it. Shortly after that, my brother Willie--we had a gun--you loaded it with a ramrod. What do you call it? A musket? And he was a great woodsman. So I'm upstairs one day. We were taught, one do the dishes and one go upstairs, make the beds, empty the chambers, do this and do that. And I'm upstairs and I'm in Willie's room. I'm making his bed. And I heard this terrible shot. It was right be? hind me. I went downstairs. And I said, "Where's Willie?" She said, "Willie went an hour ago." He had a string of rabbit snares set. "Well," I said, "I heard a shot." She said, "You didn't hear any shot--he took the gun with him." And there was no more said. Well, (another) brother came home--he was in the States. He was in Maine--and he brought Willie a .30-30 rifle. Some time after that, a few months or so, I'm up? stairs doing the same work. I'm making the bed. And this shot came up through the floor. And God, the bullet came right up behind me, through the floor. It was an ac? cident. There was a bullet in the rifle and he didn't know it. He put his foot up like that on a chair, and put the gun up, and released the trigger. It went through the floor. The hole was still there when we left there. And I ran downstairs. And I told Mother--well, there was Willie had the rifle--"Well," I said, "that's the same thing I heard." But see, that was a warning of some kindo They call it psychic now. (What did they call it when you were small?) Ghosts. And people used to hear things. For instance, my mother, one morning she got up and she said, "My God, did you children hear that?" I said, "Hear what?" She said, "The whole mountain must have gave way--just on the other side of the brook--and slid down in? to the brook. I never heard such a racket," she said, "in my life. I can't describe it." And nobody heard ito So a neighbour OFFICIAL SUPPLIER TO JOHN CUNNINGHAM LTD. Draperies and Home Furnishings Jeux Canada Games '87nS5,s 602 GEORGE ST. * 564-6444 Victorian Furniture * Custom Made Draperies or Fabric by the Yard or the Meter INTERESTED IN A CHALLENGING CAREER ? The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet is the sea-going arm of the Ministry of Transport. It offers a life? time career for men and women concerned with ma? rine matters, particularly safety at sea. To satisfy the Coast Guard Fleet's need for marine officers, the Canadian Coast Guard College in West- mount, Nova Scotia, accepts candidates into a four- year marine engineering or navigation program. The program at the College is rigorous and com? bines academic and sea training phases. There is also compulsory physical education training during each year of study. ?? ' Transport • ''' • /''p- ?? ' Canada Coast Guard Transports Canada Garde cotiere Canada We offer free tuition, room and board, uniforms, a training allowance and a guaranteed position in the Canadian Coast Guard Fleet when you graduate. Applications will be accepted until January 31 of the year of entry. Interested persons must bear in mind the minimum entrance requirements: grade 12 academic math and English, one year of high school physics and one year of second language training (French/English) at or above the grade nine level. If you are interested in a well-paid and challeng? ing career, send in the coupon below and we'll send you an information kit on the College. _ Registrar, Canadian Coast Guard College, P. 0. Box 3000, Sydney, N. S. BIP 6K7 Apt. Postal Code cbm
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