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Page 65 - With Lexie O'Hare, Big Intervale (Part Two)

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/8/1 (158 reads)

quarreled. There was nothing to quarrel a- bout. But I think he had plenty. I could go to the dances with the girls, I could do anything I wanted to, I could come home here and stay the summer if I wanted to. (You didn't marry again after your husband died.) I had my parents--they weren't mak? ing any money on the farm. I had to help them too, you know. (You were sending mon? ey home?) Oh, always, always. All my life from the first dollar I ever made. And I had Raymond. I never loafed a day through the Depression, but I didn't make much mon? ey, you know, but it was something. (Why did you come home to stay?) My mother was 88 years old, and she had my dad here alone, and he'd had a heart attack before. That's what made me move here in 1943. I was home in June, 1936, and they moved in here in September. And I came home in '43. They were here by themselves. But my sis? ter was near. And my mother was smart. She did all her own baking up until that time, and got the meals. She even took her bro? ther in as a boarder, her last winter here. (You sold everything in New Hampshire?) Not at first. I rented it. I thought per? haps to live here a year or two years. I didn't think that Mother would live 16 years after that. I was going to go back. I rented it. So in two years time Mother was stronger than ever. I was here doing all the work. So I just went back and I sold it. I came back to Cape Breton, and we lived on. And lived on and on and on, for 16 years. Father passed away in '45, but Moth? er lived til '58. (A fellow came once to the chicken farm in New Hampshire:)--b little pigs came in a Packard, bag of corn, crowbar, and a roll of pig wire. He made holes in the ground and he put com in it. And he put up some of the wire fence. Worked for 3 or 4 hours. Had the place fenced all around. Then he turned all the little pigs in there. And they started rooting and snorting. And they turned the place upside down for the corn. Did all the plowing and harrowing. And then the next spring we planted cucum- bers--and cucumbers everywhere. And we had giant maples--I used to make maple syrup, too--way up to the sky--people used to come to see the cucumbers, take what they wanted. They grew up (the maple trees), they'd string along. Next year they har- rowed it, made hay. And I had grapes. ' COMPLETE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES FOR CONSTRUCTION • INDUSTRY • HOME OWNERS Phone 539-0631 Miller Equipment Sales Complete Line of Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings ?? Honda Power Equipment Hand Tools, Saws, & Shovels ?? Stihl Power Saws ?? Rainwear Industrial V-Belts ?? Rope--Poly & Wirerope ?? Complete Paint Supplies 803 GRAND LAKE ROAD >< SYDNEY Sales & Service OUR BUSINESS Is Helping '' Yourpff Business*- " If you're considering starting a new business or expanding your present operation we can provide access to the public and private sector programs and services that caii help. We have 11 regional offices across the province staffed with knowledgeable business people. Whether you're facing a challenge in financing, marketing or any other aspect of business management contact our office in your area. FarmersLo'gLife UHT Dairy & Juice Products ICE CREAM CHEDDAR CHEESE AND SPREADS FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY LIMITED Sydport, Sydney la 562-2434 U Expertise In Your Neighborhood Department of Development Honourable Roland J. Thornhill World Trade and Convention Centre 1800 Argyle Street, Box 519 Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3J 2R7 424-5689 THE HOME OF FINE SEAFOOD, we have a pickup booth at the SYDNEY AIRPORT. Call us. Coast To C6ast Air Shipping - Ask For Our Price "List- Phone: Plant (902) 849-5505, Night (902) 849-2705 Write: P. O. Box 160, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, BlA 5V2 Telex: 019-35241 CHAROEX - MASTER CHARGE - VISA (65)
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