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Page 70 - Lewis Parker: A Work in Progress

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/8/1 (188 reads)

way than would normally be. And that's how I distorted space. Much as I did the mur? als for Fortress Louisbourg, where I went up and I added about 500 feet to the hori? zon going up and down, and I squashed in a- bout a mile and a quarter of Battery Is? land to the Royal Battery, so I could get it all in 7 feet by 4 feet. I also distort time. In that (Micmac mur? al) , that number of activities would never be going on within the town at that partic? ular time. And I've included an extra coup? le of families, so I could show all the ac? tivities that were covered. The time per? iod is generally a spring and early summer, when they would start their stammer camp on the Bras d'Or. It's within a couple of weeks--I haven't distorted the time too much that way. Just the immediate time in which those women, for instance, who are building that wigwam, would be the same women who are making the soup in a hol? lowed log or stripping the moose in the foreground. If I were to restrict it to one family, then I couldn't possibly show all the activities: the stretching of the moose hide, the playing of Waltes by the group in the centre, the making of the canoe. I found out from Ruth Whitehead (Nova Sco? tia Museum historian), men in the encamp? ment would be building the canoe, the old? er men making cradle boards, the men in the background having a steam bath, and an? other older man making a paddle. The men were always the ones who went out and Cedar House Bakery and Restaurant 674-2929 OPEN DAILY FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH 6e DINNER bread - scones - oatcakes - cookies - pies TRANS-CANADA HWY NEAR SEAL ISLAND BRIDGE THE GIANT MACASKILL museum AND CRAFT SHOP CLOTHING FURNITURE PHOTOGRAPHS OPEN: May 16 to Oct. 15, 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Daily ADMISSION: $2/person*$5/family * Group Rates 2.5 km. from Englishtown Ferry on Route 312 (70) Sydney ' North Shopping fOU. • make the difference Sydney Centre l'OUS'' • faites toute la difference Mall PRINCE STREET ' ' • '' • • • !?* • • • ? *%'%sm' • wt. .''i ' ww '''' '''''.' Sydney North Sydney
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