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Page 3 - On the Road to the Canada Winter Games

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (277 reads)

or coming last, I don't know what I'll do • I'm not worried about it. You just go out, do the best you can. 'Cause like you can't control what other people are doing, what other athletes are doing.... I went to the Junior Nationals last winter. First race, I didn't even finish the race-- I was really exhausted. Second race, I fin? ished but I had a lousy time. And I was so depressed! I felt so awful. I had one of the worst times out of anyone. And I just felt awful. I said I wanted to quit skiing right there. Less than 24 hours later was our next race. And by then, I got myself back together. I knocked 3 minutes off my time, and I felt super. Now, my standings weren't that great. But I knew, I got my? self back together, I accomplished my goals. And I just felt great. And then the fourth race, the last race, it was the first time for me to ski 20 kilometres--I had a great race. It went well. And I went out there thinking, "Maybe I can't even finish this," And I did it in an hour and 18 minutes. (That's solid skiing?) Yeah. As long as you meet your goals, you feel good. (So is competition still important to you, or is it the sensation of really fine ski? ing?) Well, competition's important, but sensation is the big thing, really. Sensa? tion racing--you can feel that until you can't ski any more--until you're too old to put on a pair of skis. 'Cause it doesn't matter, really, how fast you're moving. It matters how your body feels. So, I mean, you're 80 years old--if you can ski, you get out there. If you can sensa? tion race, great! When you're 80, I mean, you have trouble competing. And the thing with competition is, a lot of the time people think, "Oh, so what if you win?" A lot of people have that atti- tude • And it's true, like, it doesn't real? ly matter if you win or lose, in the long runo It's nice to win, but you're not go? ing to die if you lose. (Do you really feel that?) Yeah. (So it's not your life to win.) No, it's not. A gold-medal-win- ning athlete might argue that--especially if he makes a million dollars! But of course, I do like winning! It feels good. -RESH SEAFOOD r''LOBSTER WHARF 494 Esplanade, on Sydney Harbour 539-8005 EAT ON OUR OPEN PATIO WHARF, OR TAKE IT HOME * GIFTS SHIPPED ANYWHERE HADDOCK * HALIBUT * SALMON * SCALLOPS * LOBSTER BURGERS & CHOWDER * MACKEREL * SMELTS * CLAMS COMPLETE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES FOR CONSTRUCTION ?? INDUSTRY • HOME OWNERS Phone 539-0631 Miller Equipment Sales Complete Line of Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings ?? Honda Power Equipment Hand Tools, Saws, & Shovels ?? Stihl Power Saws ?? Rainwear Industrial V-Belts ?? Rope--Poly & Wirerope ?? Complete Paint Supplies 803 GRAND LAKE ROAD '< SYDNEY Sales & Service (3)
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