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Page 14 - On the Road to the Canada Winter Games

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (315 reads)

Harry Corbett: This is Ol5niipic lifting. Olympic lifting. The bar goes from the floor to arm's length overhead. The first lift, you lift the bar from the floor in one movement to arm's length overhead. The second lift--the clean-and-jerk--you lift the bar from the floor to your shoulders, and from your shoulders then to arm's length overhead. And there's a whole page of rules that tell you how you have to do it, or the lift won't be passed. Jim Dan will practice every second night-- 4 days one week, 3 days the next week. He has 6 weeks until the competition, so he's still on a high count with a relatively light weight, A high count is 5, Next week I'll drop him down to 3s, Right now, he'll probably do, say, a warm up with the empty bar, I always insist on the empty bar for a warm up, to get the knees warmed up. Then he'll go to 30 kilos. He'll do a set of 5 with that. He'll go to 40 kilos. He'll do a set of 5 with that. And 45. He'll do 5 sets of 5, Five repeti? tions, that is, for a total of 25 snatches, eh? The snatch is arm's length, one move? ment. He'll take that 45 kilos--99 pounds. He weighs just about 99 pounds. But next week I'll drop him to triples. The weight, of course, will move up. He'll go from 45 to 50. This is in preparation for the 13th of December. He lifts up in East Hants. Then his next contest, provid? ing he makes the Nova Scotia team, he'll lift, then, in February in Sydney (in the Canada Winter Games). (You were telling me he' holds certain rec? ords .) Nova Scotia Junior Records. He has 7 of them. He holds all the records in the 32-kilo class. Since June of '83. He was just turned 9. And he weighed less than 32. And he snatched 30, and clean-and-jerked 42%. Then he moved up to the 38%-kilo class, and he snatched 40, and clean-and- jerked 57%, for a total of 97%. Now, he did that in two separate contests. He's in the 45-kilo class now. The record is 62%. Well, you saw him do 65 out there. So that was 2% kilos over the record. That isn't the record, though. He has to do it in a contest. He could do 100 kilos out there and it wouldn't mean a thing, as far as be? ing recognized. Those are the records that I want to see him get. He's lifting weights now 7 years. He's, of course, graduated from the broomstick, to a point where he's probably--for his age and body weight--he's probably the best in Canada, if not North America. Good Luck to All Participants in the Jeux Canada Games '87'Al?g?S Sydney ' North Shopping lOU**' make the difference Sydney 9'P'l% l'OliS...faitestoute la difference 'Mall' Sydney ' North Sydney
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