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Page 18 - Folk Mapping: Cape Breton Examples

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (302 reads)

Prince Edward Island (at top), and some i- dea of the shape of the Island. Four light? houses are placed around the coast. One would like to know how many lighthouses ex? isted in Cape Breton in 1845. The merging of steam and sail on some vessels is of in? terest. Surveyed maps of Cape Breton ex? isted by this time, and if the map maker had particular interest in maps he must have looked at some of them--but the sketch here seems without special refer? ence to a lot of other maps. As Jim said, "It is never quite so clear a passage from either Little Bras d'Or or Big Bras d'Or right into Whycocomagh as it is on this map--a wonderful, easy sail." These maps open whole new lines in investi? gations regarding such things as early buildings in Whycocomagh or activities at the head of the Bay. "People had pretty well forgotten (Whycocomagh Bay) as being a place where there was a lot of shipping. And nobody recalled their being a mill there until old maps revealed 'mill brook' and the 1871 census showed a Ronald George MacDonald--a 'miller.'" Ronald George is said to be the father of 21 children, and his oldest child was our Hugh MacDonald. Jim has not yet found any cemetery records on this family. The 1871 census listed Hugh and his English wife. The story is that he married her, Frances Farrow Robin? son, in Cairo, Illinois. She was a widow, working as a waitress and about to go back to England, when she met Hugh and he brought her back to Whycocomagh. They didn't stay very long. They went to Virgin? ia and then to Louisiana, where descen? dants still live. jM'':. ??i'BBf ''''' mHhHK/''. x' ',' ??'?? ''tl m'b, ' j'KlMi JM'pc 'C ''8S'' Hope Dunton'l''''S withA.JJ Johnston '''''B'lSM f'H .,<'-g _ ' ' "''.JaAnEiLiiffe''Ma MHMjjIjMHMMMHtoW _'''_''_P ' hH'I''' ij'b/ ''''HI''''H s''MIBBI "' igi'??|Bl. _'v |' ''''' ''''''m ''??:.t'l* W .''''W From the HEARTH Recipes from the World of 18th Century Louisbourg Here is a cool
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