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Page 32 - Working on the Sydney Coal Piers

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (240 reads)

too heavy for me. It overbalanced me, threw me overboard, down on the deck of the boat. About 40 or 45 feet. Nobody ever expected to see me come out of it. They were there for days and days, just watch? ing me die. Kept going the other way. I broke my leg and fractured my hip, injured a kidney--different things like that. There were other people got hurt. Well, not so many, for as many cars as were get? ting handled there, there weren't so many. ... That fellow there, on the lower level there, he got his two legs off. Another fellow got a leg off, part of his leg. An? other fellow fell between the boat and the dock. That was the year that I got the smashing up, 1930. He went down between the boat and the pier. He must have struck something, going down the side of the pier, or struck the boat. When they got him out of the water, he was gone, anyway. Got killed CONTINUED NEXT PAGE Something new on top of Old Smokey This season, skiing at Cape Smokey will be better than ever. v re gearing up for the Jeux Canada Games, February 14th-2lst, andthe hill is being readied to make the runs even more challenging, more exciting. Conditions permitting, the hill will open by December 26th, along with our new base lodge. We've widened trails specifications. We are adding a new 1,550 foot surface lift. For you novices, we've lengthened the beginners' slope. And. when you graduate, follow the trail to the half-hill point of Runs 2 and 3 for your first real taste of downhill skiing. The White Birch Inn is being renovated and will open January 9th. Other accommodations are available in the area on a year-round basis. If Mother Nature doesn't bless us with snow, we'll supply it with more snow-making machines on more trails than ever before. Take the chair lift, which we've made more easily accessible, to the top of Cape Smokey. Take in the breath? taking view from the new enclosed chalet, and prepare for the rush of the downhill run. Come see what's new on top of Cape Smokey this season. For information and reservations contact: Keltic Lodge (902) 285-2880 Halifax Office (902) 424-5000 Check In 1-800-565-7105 Halifax/Dartmouth 425-5781 Nova Scotia Operated by Department of Tourism lack Maclsaac, Minister of Tourism Jeux Canada Games "87 ';'?SB:
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