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Page 48 - From Talks With Maria Goyetche of Petit-de-Grat

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (336 reads)

C'est comme ca qu'on apprend plus vite. Parce que les prieres que j' savais par tchoeur, la j'les.... (Ronald LaBelle: Vous les voyiez par ecrit.) Oui, c'est la meilleure maniere pour apprendre, Les prieres qu'on salt par tchoeur, la j'les, pouvait pas mal le de- viner. A 10 ans j'avals appris a lire fran- 9ais assez comment ben qu'on me demandait mon catechisme pis j'repondais. La soeur me demandait quand 9a venait a 1'heure des recess, ben a me demandait pour aider aux enfants a leur demander le catechisme. J'avais appris assez a lire fran9ais, pour demander le catechisme aux autres enfants de mon age. (Le catechisme la, 9a durait trois, quatre semaines?) Ca durait sept semaines. Pis au We believe a nation with a successful small business sector is a prosperous nation. That's why we're here. Need financing? • We can provide term loans for up to 20 years. • You can choose: • floating rates • fixed rates for periods of 1,2,3,4 or 5 years • combination of floating and fixed rates. • Floating interest rate loans may be converted to fixed rates (at the borrower's con? venience for a minimal fee). • Flexible repayment terms according to the borrower's capacity. • monthly installments • seasonal payments. With our Financial Planning Program we can help you prepare your case for financing or we can even present it for you; or our Do-it-Yourself Kits ($10 each) may be all you need. If you wish to invest in a small or medium-sized business or if you are seeking funds from a private investor, our Financial Matchmaking Refenal Sen/ice could be for you. Need management advice? The FBDB provides the most complete source of counselling, training and information for small and medium-sized Cana? dian businesses. We offer a wide range of Man? agement Seminars, workshops and clinics. Free information on all gov? ernment business programs is available through our Small Busi? ness Information Service. You can also rely on CASE (Counselling Assistance to Small Enterprises) for affordable hands-on management counsel? ling. So, make profitable use of these sen/ices. liVe invest in growing enterprises Our Investment Banking Sen/ices cover full or partial syn? dication, undenwriting, venture capital investment, mergers and acquisitions. Call us today: 564-7700 48 Dorchester St. Sydney, N.S. B1P5Z1 La Banque offre ses services dans les deux langues officielles. BACKING INDEPENDENT BUSINESS Federal Business Banque federale Development Bank de developpement CanadS bout de sept semaines, y'en avait qu'etait renvoye. Quand 9a venait a I'examen pis i aviont pas repondu les questions, i etiont renvoyes, pis fallait qui esperirent un autre annee pour faire leur premiere com? munion. Y'en avait qu'etait pas mal decour- age. Y'avait des pleurs, oui, y'avait des pleurs. Y'en avait qu'etait pas mal ner- veux, nervous, i etiont decourages. (C'est le pretre qui....) C'etait les soeurs qui nous demandaient le catechisme pis c'etait le pretre qui demandait aux p'tits gar9ons pour les filles. C'etait les soeurs' ouais. Y'a une difference a c'tte heure • The old people, the fishermen at night, when they were not too tired, they always came to our place, and they had all kinds of stories of. olden time, about ghost stor? ies. That was the most pastime. They told so much; I'd be so frightened, I couldn't listen to them. I'd run away; I didn't want to hear them. They would talk about seeing--they thought they had seen the dev? il. And it was all old tricks. Somebody would play tricks--they thought they had seen the devil. The only story I remember: one of the fish- ermen from Rocky Bay._ He said, when his Cl/l-ni'ZX 'atz On i'' BeaJi. BEACH HOMES MOTEL CHALETS P. 0. Box 177, Ingonish Beach, N. S. BOC ILO (902)285-2525 ALWYS CLOSE BY. THATS YOUR GOOD NEIGHBOUR, SPEEDY PROPANE.' YOUR GOOD NEIGHBOUR REFILL LOCATIONS Baddeck Albert Bridge Cheticamp (Petit Etang) Phone: 564-8443 T'eserve - Sydney - North Sydney SYDNEY
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