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Page 21 - Making Rope from Wood

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1972/10/31 (830 reads)

feet of line you were winding on the board. It has to be twisted into place along the other two. Try to remember what rope looks like. "Just put it in so it'll be in its right place, " Dan Smith said. "Loosen it so it'll fit and keep it tight enough so it'll fit." You are not setting strands side by side. You are working the third ,line in so that it is slightly grabbed by the twists of the first two strands. Re? member: it is not three separate strands but one strand with a terrific amount of twist in it, turned back on itself and twisted (so that you have hard twists pushing in opposite directions and thus gripping one another), then turned once again--the "third" strand being twisted against and slightly into the groove of the first two strands, making a powerful piece of rope. You finish off with the odd tool • forcing an opening at each end Best Wishes to Cape Breton's Magazine VICTORIA FARMER'S CO-OP Baddeck and pulling the single strand through-- twisting it closed and tight again. Cut away from tb'e board and trim off any loose bits. The finished rope is amazing? ly resiliant, and appears to be three strands with only two raw ends. It is said that one would last a man two sea? son's fishing. Some say that they could be tarred and made to last much longer but Dan Smith doesn't think there was much of this going on. A good way to leam how to make rope v.'ould be to have a piece made by Dan Smith. He charges fifty cents a foot, and he's willing to make one up to a hundred feet. "The length doesn't mat? ter, only time. I can make a foot of rope in about fifteen minutes, but if I've got to make a hundred feet it will take me some days to raake it," All Good Wishes to Cape Breton's Magazine MAC INNES ESSO Indian Brook, Victoria County Cape Smokey Recreation Center Skiing. Chairlift 4,000 Feet. Cafeteria. Licensed Lounge. Dining Room, Discoteque. Ski and Gift Shop, Winter Season begins Dec, 15th, Accomodations available from Dec, 20th. Ingonish, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Cape Breton's Magazine/21
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