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Page 25 - The Great Falls on Indian Brook, 1890

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/6/1 (759 reads)

walking out to the Great Falls on Indian Brook is tougher than Prank Bolles sound in this article. You will be walking along high cliffs and the rapids e falls are deceptive • it is easy to be drawn to the rapids and past the makes it '_' '_ beyond the falls are deceptive--it is easy to be drawn to the rapids'and past falls without seeing them at all. To see the falls you'll have to climb at least" part way down. Neil MacLeod recommends taking along a good rope. He says it's a tough climb with little substantial to hold onto--and you'll be holding onto that with vour teeth. Your first trip out should be with someone who has been there. There was once an old settlement way out on Indian Brook beyond the rapids, but thus far we've learned very little about it. It seems that sometime in the early 1800s fire destroyed the homes and surrounding woods at Indian Brook and the people there " " * ' ??' river a - ?? - • • • - plenty to rebuild their homes in the spring, returning ' There is a map made by the Geological Survey of Canada and included in the Report for 1876-7. which shows at that time five buildings at the settlement. The trail ou did not follow the river at all, but went out behind the old manseT The photograph of the rush of water over the falls is by Jim Piche. taken half-way down the cliff wall. The text is from the lovely book. Prom Blomidon to Smokey. went back along the river and built houses. They would live there through the winter • sheltered and with plenty of firewood • and then come to the shore for fishing and returning to the old settlement for winter. Brookside Laundromat INGONISH On the Cabot Trail OPEN 8 A M to Midnight Better Health Centre OPEN 436 Charlotte St. MON-FRI. Sydney 2 Stores Down from Canadian Tire We have a Large Range of Health, Vegetarian, Special Diet & Diabetic Poods TELE Natural Vitamins 562-1237 Pood Supplements Natural Cosmetics CoO.D. Orders Accepted/Bulk Rates FREE NATURAL NUTRITION GUIDE & Mice List Cape Breton's Magazine/25
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