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> Issue 44 > Page 86 - On the Road to the Canada Winter (Part 2)

Page 86 - On the Road to the Canada Winter (Part 2)

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (141 reads)

and I beat him. And then I went for the Canadian championship, and I fought a guy from Quebec, Otis Grant. At that time I had about 20 fights. And he had 96, 97 fights, and he was in like international competitions all over the world. I lost a majority decision to him. I stayed on my feet, that's all I wanted to do. 'Cause I knew what he was like, and I knew he had a real good name, a good fighter. I was sur? prised. I was proud of myself for being able to go the distance with him.... Then we just went from there. Everything kept climbing and climbing. I think I boxed in 4 Canadian championships and 3 silver medals, 5 time provincial champion. Weight classes from 147. Presently 165- pound champion, middleweight, right now. Two intemational trips. I went to Scot? land in 1985 and Italy this past June. A bronze medal in Scotland. Didn't do any? thing in Italy! I think my record consists of: I've had about 46 fights now, and 11 losses, I think. That's not too bad. With me it was good, because I have a lot of natural ability, I guess you could say, be- cause--from the background there--it's just right in my blood. Like I said, I heard it since I was a little boy, you know. First word I heard, I think it was "Box!" Or, "Fighti" CONTINUED In 1987 were Jherffbmel'' 3p?? JNova Scotia's aspiring young men and women vying for national recognition and personal glory Each Home Team member is a source of provincial pride as the 1987 Jeux Canada Winter Games unfold in Cape Breton February 14-28. See you there! THE HOME TEAM is counting on your support. ' Department of ' Culture, Recreation and Fitness be THE HOME TEAM'S major sp ,r in tfie 1987 Jeux Canada Winl', (86)
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