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Page 30 - Cleve Townsend of Louisbourg

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/6/1 (594 reads)

the steamship company came aboard: "We received your message. We knew exactly where to find you," And here v/as the message, from me, my name on it and everything. But we didn't send a message, couldn't. There was once a man, sailing on boats, he was from Forchu, And he was told that I was on the boat, "Cleve Townsend's on that boat, I wouldn't go on there," During the First World War I was on a boat, A man from Louisbourg and myself, we joined a boat. We didn't sign on; we were to sign on the next day, I was just getting ready to go to bed, and I believe he v/as in bed • and I said, "Come on, get off this boat. They're gonna sink the boat. And it'll be some? where in the North Sea," He said, "Cleve, just wait a minute, where the hell am I going now?" "I know a house to go," So we left the boat. And we said to ourselves. Now we'll watch the papers • see if that boat is torpedoed. And it was, sure enough. It went down, sunk by the Germans, in the North Sea, I was working on a building in Detroit, It was the new Ford building, 50 stories high, I v;as living at that time in Windsor, We were working overtime on Saturday, We worked our day but wanted to come back and work till 12 o'clock at night, "Townsend, you go up right to the very top, 50 floors up, and you'll start installing radia? tors," All right, I went up there, I didn't install very much, 11 o'clock came a- round, I was the only one at the top of the building. All the others were down be? low. The boss says, "How's about all going home at 11 o'clock? All satisfied?" Yes. But I didn't know anything about it, 11 o'clock came they switched all the lights off. I was left up there, A great large room. And a place for a freight elevator right in the middle. You go in there there's nothing to keep you from going down 50 stories, A hole for a passenger elevator was also there, A hole through every floor. I got to thinking. By gosh, I can't move. I wouldn't dare to move. So I doubled up my coat into one corner, I made a pillow of my lunchbox, I didn't go to sleep. I didn't have time to go to sleep. '.Vhen a great mighty light came in front of me. Oh, no light, no electric light was as bright. Came over close to me. Then it started to move a ''ay, Nothing said, I knew what that meant: for me to follow that light, I got my coat on, the lunchbox and went over to the ladder. And that tremendous light stayed with me almost all the way down the 50 floors. There was only 3 floors and the powerful light left me, God was taking care of his own. Showed me the ladder, every ladder • no steps, all ladders. I came down fine and dandy. About 1955, somewhere along in there, I started a business in Sydney, on Charlotte street, A healing centre, God's healing centre. Really, divine healing. The healing power of God, There's no other to beat that. But I had been healing before that. People pushed me to it. They said, Come on. I was working on the plant, steel plant • I was on the railroad, I was hanging on there. The people wanted me to quit the plant and charge them for treatment • enough to make the same as you make at the plant, or more if you wish. Well I couldn't see it, I thought I better stay on the INFORMATION MON. thru FRI. Vaughan Desjardins MORNING 6:30 to 9:00 AM Brian Sutcliffe TRAVEL ON John Cable ISLAND ECHOES MON. thru FRI. 4:00 to 6:00 PM Glen Bilawey Cape Breton's Maga2ine/30 RADIO NOON MON. thru FRI. 12 to 12:30 PM NIGHT SHIFT SUN. thru THURS. 12:15 to 1:00 AM
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