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Page 3 - The Donald Rankin Family and Harness Racing

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1 (530 reads)

ing getting heavier?) Exac;|;ly. The disc harrows were getting larger, longer, big? ger. Lots of fellows would have a small team, and they'd want' to trade them. So what we used to do then, we used to try and sell the small horses to Newfoundland. And the west was ahead of us. They were switching to tractors. And that's why their horses were for sale. The lumbermen--all horses they used in the woods. So when the pulp mill started here (1963), that made a great demand for heavy horses, first few years. And Bowaters in Newfoundland, they always used horses. (In your selling of horses, was it more they came to you, or you were travelling the country?) Both. You'd be home one day, and travelling at night. We delivered horses as far as Guysborough, Antigonish Donald Rankin plowing with work horses, Donmar Farm, Frenchvale; Donald & Mar? garet MacDonald Rankin; Donald with Dr. S. on the ice at Judique. County--all over the island. We had a place in St. Peters, we used to keep some horses there. Then my brother lived in- Ju- diqlie and we'd always have some horses there. If you should hear of anybody want? ing to trade, you'd go. Once the spring came you'd look after the local fellows a- round here first, then when business got slack, you'd have to go look for it. We had a truck would haul 6, 7 horses. Leave here at 4 or 5 in the morning and be on the road all day, half of the night. I was in the cattle business, too, see. You'd take cattle in trade, or buy cattle. And sell them a horse, or any way you could. They were using a lot of oxen in Richmond County then, so a lot of them would trade the oxen in for a horse. So you'd take the oxen and sell it, or kill it. But then the tractors got more plentiful. Atayflower vMall' STORE OF THE YEAR Everybody's Coming to the General Information or Leasing: Blaise Morrison 539-0862 WINS BURNAC SALES ACHIEVEMENT AWARD This award is presented for recognition of outstanding sales performance, promotional participation/merchandise participation and overall contribu? tion to a successful year. The Burnac Sales Achievement Award goes to Rudderham's Sport Shop, Mayflower Mall, Sydney. L. to r.: Raymond Abbass, Robert MacDonald, Kevin MacKinnon (manager), Blaise Morrison (mall manager), George MacLean, Adrian Morrison, Greg MacLeod.
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