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> Issue 45 > Page 24 - Anne Morrell, Margaree Valley "Seasons of My Life"

Page 24 - Anne Morrell, Margaree Valley "Seasons of My Life"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1 (337 reads)

sleep on the couch. And there'd be a string of lamb turds all the way across the room. He learned how to knock down my jars of whole wheat berries and soybeans and stuff. You'd go in and you'd find bro? ken jars, and this little fat lamb with a smile on his face. When we killed him, I was pregnant with Amish, And Garry was sitting there eating this lamb chop, saying, "Oh, you won't be? lieve how good this is. You've never had anything like this. It just melts in your mouth," I said, "Okay, give me a bite," And I've been eating lamb and beef ever since. And we only missed Frank the lamb a teeny bit, (Frank?) He had eyes like a friend of mine named Frank. ("It warms you once, it warms you twice,/ Burning wood is awfully nice.") ("Every morning and every night,/ In the barn you'll see this sight.") ("Keeping the potatoes weed free/ Takes the pony7 Garry and me.") ("Stooking bales in the sun/ Haying time has begun?") See the black flies a.round my head? Haying has mixed reviews. It's nice when you have help and there's tnis commun? ity feel to it. But when you don't have any help, it's awful. And there were lots of days where Garry was baling and I was the only one putting it in. He would try to be at the bottom of the conveyor and the top at the same time. There were times during hay season that if somebody shot me, I would have been grateful, ("Tourists come and tourists go,/ Some buy, those that know,") Smug, huh? (So you used to sell right here from the house?) Yeah, I still do. Actually, now, it's more tak? ing orders for custom work. But I've al? ways been in the Buyers' Guide to Arts and Crafts, And you don't get too many people up. But usually if somebody comes up, they're pretty serious about buying some? thing. the season,/ ("Judging horse shows during For all my decisions there i; is a reason.'T I usually do about one horse show a year, now, still. It's a way to kind of keep in touch with the horse world. And I enjoy do? ing it. I still enjoy a good horse and a good rider. But I do less and less just be? cause I've kind of dropped out of that whole circuit. Right now I just can't leave the farm for that length of time. North Sydney Mall 116 King St., North Sydney, Nova Scotia • Climate Controlled Atmosphere • Plenty of Free Parking • Friendly Courteous Staff • 30 Stores and Services • Many Mall Activities A Place for Friends and Family" (24)
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