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Page 70 - With Fr. John Angus Rankin, Glendale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1 (250 reads)

Well, I said, "these fellows are playing the tunes all their lives." And I said, "They've had the practice. The only thing I do is, I'm smart enough to know when to ' give them (the) next name so they can shift without making a break," I said, "I catch them when they--they play each turn twice. After they finish the tune a second time, on the second turn, I'm in with the name, and they keep on going." He said, "I can't believe that." And Sandy was there. He came along, Sandy. "And it's a damn good run!" Sandy said. "Do you believe that?" "Yeah," Sandy said, "we'll follow that fellow to Hell--" They know that I won't cross them up in any way. They know I love music. (And you're right: I know there's a way in which you have the reputation, but it's really be? cause you've honoured these fiddlers all your life.) Yeah. I honour and I respect them. And maybe even jealous of them. I'd like to be able to do what they can do. They stir up in my heart what I'd like to be a- ble to do myself with the violin. They know that, and they do it for me every time. Tunes from the Glendale Festivals of 1973 & 1975 The following tunes are taken from the common repertoire of the Glendale Festivals. Fr. John Angus Rankin conducted the group violin-playing at these events. Our thanks to Fr. Eugene Morris, who supplied us with tapes of the 1973 and 1975 festivals. Paul Cranford; The first tunes below are two of the most popular strathspeys used for stepdancing in the current Cape Breton repertoire. Both are found in many old collections but here we are giving versions in the common Cape Breton settings. . Most classical music is written for a definite major or minor key. In an oral tradition, music does not always fit exactly into such slots. "Athole Brose" is a good example of such a tune. Players today play the F-sharp note in the first turn, and a neutral tone (a tone in between F natural and F sharp) in the second part • as indicated by the arrows above the notes. Duke of Gordon William Marshall Cape Breton Setting ''i}i-i.U]rih'nu J-QjjJ-jij. ij i'jii[IL;m-ffirrrrr rn (Shear flight BEAUTY SALON u N I S SUMMER HOURS: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 9 to 5 v Thur 9 tg g * Sat 8:3Q tg 12:3Q Ask for Chariene (Prop.), Linda or Cathy 236 Townsend Street, Sydney Walk In or Appointment: 564-8488 (70) QUALITY SOFT DRINKS SINCE 1905 AT THE PRICE THAT REFRESHES A COMPLETE UNE OF PARTY SUPPUES Pbp Factory iRon McKinlay &Sons; Ltd. 849-6644 262 BROOKSIDE GLACE BAY
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