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> Issue 45 > Page 81 - The Rankin Family and Harness Racing

Page 81 - The Rankin Family and Harness Racing

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1 (245 reads)

They didn't like that. And after a month, there was nothing said about it. I loved it. You'd give a stupid drive, and you knew it. It felt good when you went out and did a good job, and knew that you couldn't have done better, or anybody else couldn't have, either. Maybe you didn't win, but you got what you could. (What would be a stupid drive?) Sit behind a horse that is the best, and move out, in? stead of keeping in for cover. And as soon as you do it, know that it was a stupid mistake. Donna: Basically the rule is: a- long (the mside) rail is the shorter route--even scientifically. Basically you try to stay in to the rail, and you come lakealxeakfixxnl your dicxes with Kentud'Bied Chidden! Kentucl
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