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Page 39 - Caribou and Grandmere

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/8/1 (366 reads)

2. It can therefore be seen that "Grandmere's" first attack on the swirl, with charges set to 150 feet, could not possibly have damaged the U-Boat. 3. As the two further attacks were in this same ar? ea, it is considered that the U-Boat managed to es? cape undamaged. 4. There is no evidence to show that U-Boats have altered their policy of general? ly remaining at a shallow depth after a night at? tack (CB. 4097 para. 162). 5. The first attack should therefore have been carried out with a pat? tern set to 50 feet, fired at least 100 yards away from the swirl in a direction 120 . 6. The reason for the very deep settings in the second and last attack is not apparent. 7. In order to successful? ly attack the U-Boat, it is most essential that Commanding Officers understand their opponents' capabilities. The Commanding Officer "Grandmere" should study CB. 4173. tain. The captain, that's his decision, what he should do. And he decided, "We have to hit that sub. And this is what we're out there for." Hedden: Well, Number One, there's a possibility of him torpedo? ing us, so we wouldn't have been any good to (any survivors), So our function is to keep him down. Rigby: If they had fired an? other torpedo and got us, nobody would have...we would have all gone down. Be? cause there would have been no one else to pick up survivors. (In the meantime the Caribou went down, and it went down quite quickly. But for a- while, you were still trying to get that submarine.) Hedden: Oh, we searched, I think, daylight--around 10 o'clock in the morning when we started picking people up. (Is this the normal routine, the normal way of doing that?) Oh, to keep looking for the submarine?--oh, definitely. Rigby: That's Number One, yeah. That's your first job--you've got to get after that sub. (Some people might suggest that the first thing to do is to get to the survivors.) That's right. That's just up to the cap- From a secret letter to Hon. Sir Wilfrid W. Woods, K.C.M.G., from H. E. Reid, Commodore First ClassT" R.C.N., Flag Officer Newfoundland Force: You will appreciate that the first duty of the es? cort vessel was to attack the submarine, and, though no mention is made of it in the report, I surmise that the escort vesseldid not know wheth? er or not the CARIBOU had actually sunk. If she had concentrated immediately on picking up survi? vors, she would have subjected herself to the chances of a further attack in which she herself might have been sunk, or the CARIBOU "finished off," if the first torpedo had not sunk her. (I guess you can understand how some peo? ple might say, "Well, your first job, you should have....") Hedden: Oh yes, we were criticized about that in the Sydney newspa? per, for one. And we were in Port-aux- Basques on a later trip--people there were SAVE YOUR WINDSHIELD! STONE DAMAGED WINDSHIELDS RESTORED FOR FREE! Your Insurance Company Pays All DAY 564-4527 NIGHT fW' Now full auto .glass service, if your windshield is beyond surgery. MAIN CLINIC: 6 LIBERTY ST., SYDNEY (Free House Calls) The Windshield Surgeon WE'RE PROUD TO SHARE... Scottish and Acadian Festivals Hiking trails, picnic and camping parks Museums and heritage The warmest waters north of the Carolinas! Cottage crafts and works of art The Cape Breton highlands National Park Fresh and salt water fishing Horse racing, canoeing, and other sports Fine accommodations, gift shops Restaurants Wildlife The Sunset Side '! / '' of Cape Breton -'v- Requests for Visitor's Guide, brochures, and general information may be made to: Inverness County Department of Recreation/Tourfsm P.O. Box 179. Port Hood, N.S. BOE 2W0 (902)787-2274 ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE OF CAPE BRETON Joe's Vferehouse The Food Emporium Cape Breton's Newest and Largest Restaurant SPECIALIZING IN AGED PRIME CUTS OF ROAST BEEF & STEAKS & ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE SALAD BARS IN THE MARITIMES! 1 CABARET] OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 'TIL 3 A.M. Live Entertainment Nightly 424 Charlotte Street 539-6686 539-0408 RESTAURANT LOUNGE BANQUET FACILITIES ARE AVAILABLE (39)
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