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> Issue 46 > Page 53 - Seal Hunting Out of Cheticamp from Fr. Anselme Chaisson's Cheticamp: History and Acadian Traditions

Page 53 - Seal Hunting Out of Cheticamp from Fr. Anselme Chaisson's Cheticamp: History and Acadian Traditions

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/8/1 (307 reads)

Numb with cold, wet to the knees and feeling the pangs of hunger, we had to return, this time to? wards the west, for the floes were moving out ra? pidly to the north, towards the Gulf of St. Law? rence. Night descended again, forcing us to discon? tinue our walking. Once again, hollows between blocks of ice served as our bed. We tried to warm ourselves by pressing against each other, while o- ver there in the distance, our church bell slowly sounded. (This was the sound of the bells ringing for them. They were believed dead.) With the appearance of daylight, we continued our walk, legs heavy by this time, stomach empty, chew? ing the bark of our clubs so as not to think of our hunger. Near noon the solid ice was about fif? ty fathoms from land. But the ice-field ended there. In front of us were only some floes covered with melting snow, which floated here and there. It was high time to try the impossible, to gain land before arriving at Cape St. Lawrence. Our ropes tied together, we went in single file from one floe to another, afraid to see them sink or turn over under our weight. You can imagine the feeling and joy we experienced when we found our? selves on firm ground. But, where were we? (They were in the Lowland, beyond Grand Anse.) Over there in the distance there was a cabin, from Suppliers of Commercial Recreational Fencing P. 0. Box 98, King St., North Sydney, N. S. B2A 3M1 794-4773 "Have our auger truck dig your holes." JPuarir ' ' -' ''' '''o>''!.<.'? which we could see smoke rising. We were saved! Another last effort and we were at the door of a good Scottish fisherman. He quickly understood our predicament; he had no bed to offer us, but a good armful of hay near the blazing fire appeared to us as comfortable as the softest feather bed. Some hot tea, drunk in small mouthfuls, and a bit of food warmed us up again. Next day, somewhat rested, we were en route for the nearest village, where we found some Acadians, and from there, in four days by easy stages, we ar? rived home, surprising our families, who had al? ready given us up for dead. Oh, my children! I am now more than eighty years old, but each time the great southeast wind blows, I relive in my memory, those terrible hours when, lost on that great moving field of ice, we could hear the sounding of our death-knell. This article was taken from Fr. Anselme Chiasson's book, Cheticamp; History and Acadian Traditions. The book is a translation into English of his Che? ticamp; Histoire et Traditions acadiennes, first published in 1962. The English translation is pub? lished by Breakwater Books Ltd., 277 Duckworth St., St. John's, Nfld. AlC 109. It sells for $14.95. Fr. Chiasson's version of the three Acadians caught out on the ice was taken "from the very lips of Hyacinthe Chiasson, written by Josephine AuCoin, sixteen-year-old student of the Convent of Cheticamp, (and) appeared in the Paris publica? tion Les Amities Catholiques Francaises of July. 16, 1939, 106-07, with a mark of seventeen out of twen? ty • about eighty-five or ninety-five percent." Readers may recall a slightly longer version as told by Hyacinthe Chiasson, published in French 12 years ago in Issue 9 of Cape Bret? on's Magazine. It was called "Three Acadians 11 o'.# ''.< Ion the Ice." COME HOME TO KENT From the instant you step into a Kent Home, you know you ve crossed the border from the ordinary to the extra? ordinary Here will be homes which are nothing short of a miracle in today s world of high priced homes Impressive, inspiringly designed homes With distinctive appealing extenors and superb well-planned interiors. But at Kent, we want you to shop around. Look at what everyone else has to offer. Look at their designs, their floor plans, their prices and especially... their quality. Look at eveiything you get Inskle TTien.. Vistt Kent Youll want a home- Kent Homes Helping to build Atlantic Canada for over 25 years builder that has made a commitment to quality the kind of commitment that Kent Homes has made for over 25 years Look at our homes closely Compare design and engineering Compare standard features. Compare construction details And then compare value Kent quality nomes are duik for jife. Start living. COME HOME TO VALUE. COME HOI?iffi TO KEMT. Visit our model homes today. Special showings avalabie by appoint? ment or If your prefte well visit you at your (53) '
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