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> Issue 47 > Page 7 - A Visit with Nan Morrison, Baddeck

Page 7 - A Visit with Nan Morrison, Baddeck

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1 (241 reads)

When I got up in the morning, the dining room table was on its side. The bunks were --everything was--the legs were off the stove--everything was shimsham. Everything was on the floor. (Good sleeper!) Oh, I woke up in the night, after we got out in that storm, I woke up. But I don't know, I suppose you get courage at that time. But that was quite an experience. (You'd take care of the sick--) Yes, and wait on the tables, if anybody (could eat). If it was a rough day, the cook used to get drunk and leave me in charge. 'Cause I nev? er got sick. He said, "This is my holiday." (When you went to Boston the first time, what did you do for work?) Housework. (Was it any different than working in Sydney?) Yes. The cooking was a lot different. The cooking was a lot different. (Who trained you when you went up there?) A cookbook! That's the only training we had. You wouldn't dare go and ask for a job, and not know what you were doing. MAKE FUN OF WINTEI IN NOVA SCOTIA There's no business like snow business! Thrilling slopes for downhill skiing. Wind? ing trails for crosscountry skiing, snow- shoeing, snowmobiling, and hiking. Be a kid again and make snow angels, build a snowman, have a tobogganing party. There's a lot more to snow than shoveling. Ice is nice, too! Perfect your figure-8 or take your shot from the point, but get those skates on! Create fantastic sculptures and carve your name in ice. Favourite Indoor Sports! shopping After an invigorating winter outing, what better way to warm up than by browsing through boutiques for that perfect ensemble. Pick up some hand-made sweaters or a Nova Scotia aaft that's just right for the mantie. Dining Come in from the cool winter air to a warm, cozy restaurant. Nothing builds an appetite like being ourdoors. Nothing satisfies an appetite like traditional Nova Scotia cuisine. Or Nouvelle. Or whatever you like. And, when it's time to setde in for the evening, curl up in front of a crackling fire. Now, that's winter. yNarm up to winter in Snova Scotia! For a wonderful winter weekend, get the gang together and head for the slopes of Cape Smokey and the shops of Sydney. Don't hibernate. Participate. For more information on great weekend getaway packages, or to receive your free Snova Scotia Discount Book, call our Winter Wander line. Toll free 1-800-565-7105. iWSO' (You came back to Cape Breton one time after an operation.) Yes. Have you read Dr. MacMillan's book (Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor)? That will give you an idea of that year. My brother took ser? iously ill. He had pleurisy--fluid on the lungs. And they called Boston--had two sisters and two brothers up there-- looking, wanting to know if any of us could come home. Well, I had been op? erated on--my knee-- at that time. And the man I was cook_ for was the doctor-- Dr. Smith Peterson-- he was a famous bone specialist. Anyway, we talked it over. And nobody could come. Nobody was willing to come. I was living at my sister's. And I was going over to (the doctor's) office every day on the crutches. My sister was going with me. When I got the word. So I went. And land? ed in Little Bras d'Or, on the train. No problems. You know, when you're on crutches, every? body's good to you. So Angus Urquhart met me at Little Bras d'Or. He took his horse and sleigh as far as New Har? ris. That's where they were crossing over on the ice. But he couldn't get the (7)
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