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> Issue 47 > Page 41 - "But we went out after mackerel"!"

Page 41 - "But we went out after mackerel"!"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1 (209 reads)

thing you'd see coming--great big eye head? ing right for you. And as soon as I saw what it was, my hands were tied--there was nothing I could do. I wasn't legally al? lowed to fish them. I don't have a license to fish them. So I ran up to the cabin and I called Mi? nerva (Merrill's wife)--we have the CB. And I said, "Get ahold of Lloyd right quick." And everything just fell into place. Happened to be someone here that day.(Otherwise) she couldn't leave the ba? by- -the baby was in bed. I told her to call Lloyd on the telephone. There was no answer there. So I said, "You better go and get him. We have about a 700- or 800-pound tuna floating around the boat." So she took off over to Lloyd's. He was out back. And Lloyd fW' Need a New Windsliield? Your Local Auto Glass Company If we can save your windstileld, your Insurance will pay tlie full cost. 6 Liberty St. Across from Ron May Pontiac 564-4527 starte'i up in the truck, and he had a radio in the truck. He got talking to me in the boat, asking if the fish was still there. And there were other boats out jigging that day. And they heard what was going on. Den? nis (Smith) was one of them. And Dennis was going in the harbour judt as Lloyd was com? ing up to the shore. Lloyd's boat was out on the collar; it was tied out on anchor. (Dennis) said, "When you get to the wharf, just jump in my boat and I'll take you out to your boat." And there happened be an ag rep (agricultural representative, Mike Johnson) from Truro visiting that day--so he came along with Lloyd for the drive. When they got there. Big Alex was on the wharf. So the three of them (Mike, Big Al? ex, and Lloyd) took off. So half an hour after I made the first call on the radio, Lloyd was put alongside us. But all this time, we were feeding the fish. And it was just perfect. You'd have the big head at the top and just the back? bone- -(it would) float on top of the water --and he'd come up and he'd just grab the head--just every one of them. Sometimes he'd do a little roll over. And we tried dropping them just 2 inches away from the side (of the boat), and he'd come right up alongside the boat. You could even feel the boat rocking from the turbulence from him. Oh, it was amazing. Even to ex? perience that was quite a thrill. Even if you never even thought of catching him, you know. When Lloyd got there--by this time we had finished cleaning all the fish so we had no fish (trimmings) left to feed him. So we tried feeding the fil? lets. It was all trimmings we were feeding him up until Lloyd got there. And there were guys calling me on the radio, "We have lots of mackerel if you want us to come over with them." And I thought if they would come over that they might scare them. I said, "No. You better stay away." PGPSI THGCHOICeOF ANeW(i • NGRA''' CAPE BRETON BEVERAGES LIMITED V'reYmjsn's TrAV'Agenci) We plan it all for you. 794-7251 158 QUEEN ST., NORTH SYDNEY (41)
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