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Page 53 - Mary Ryan: a Woman's Account

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1 (214 reads)

living in this old farm? house. I had to teach the children myself, from Pri? mary up to Grade 8, with the help of correspondence course. Well when we moved to Havre Boucher, the children went to convent school there, with the Sisters of Charity. And one of the girls entered the convent--St. Martha--and the other entered the Sis? ters of Charity. So, one of my little sons-- 12 years old--from the ef? fects of the scarlet fever, died. Well, in 1944, we moved over to Canso, and occupied our old home. We lived there 10 years. And when the 10 years was up, we were 1 burnt out again. Now where were we going to live? So we had another little shack at the shore where my husband used to keep the fishing tackle and other things that he used around the boat. Cleaned that out, and we lived there for a year. When the winter came--the priest was coming to the house to give communion to my hus? band that was a semi-invalid. And while he was hearing my husband's confession, I had to go out-of-doors, in February, and wait there while--till confession was over. And when I went in the house after the priest gave the communion, he said, "This is the first time I ever came to a place where I had to drive the old woman out-of-doors while I heard the old man's confession!" Well, of course he made a joke of that. But it was no joke. Because it was very, very cold. But, we got along all right. We built the house. My husband built the house in- between times. We moved in the house on the 16th of December, 1949. Well, we didn't have it finished, when my husband died 6 years later. Then, a new life started for me. I came to Sydney, and lived with my sister, until it was time for me to retire--to the MacGil? livray Guest House, where I am today. And so happy to be here, with the affiliations. And all I do is thank God that everything happened so wonderfully for me and my family. God bless you all, and goodbye. Our thanks to Sister Helene Comeau who interviewed Mary Ryan. Mrs. Ryan added later that she raised 18 children in all. She fostered the five her husband brought to the marriage. Then her sister died leaving six children, of whom she raised two. Her husband's sister died and left two more. Another sister died, and she took one boy. And Mrs. Ryan bore eight children of her own. The photograph above is of Frank P. and Mary Parker Ryan, 1939. cfiow Van f00 Fully Licensed Restaurant mimmm' OPEN DAILY 11 A.M. to 1 A.M. FRL and SAT. till 2 A.M. SUN. till MIDNIGHT Major Credit Cards Accepted Gift Certificates * Ample Parking Oriental and Canadian Cuisine in a relaxed and elegant dining atmosphere Daily Luncheon Specials Banquet Facilities Available Take Out Orders Delivered A Warm Welcome Excellent Service and Fine Food 460 Grand Lake Rd., Sydney 562-0088 or 539-2825
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