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Page 24 - Jerry Hollard: Fathers and Son

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1 (236 reads)

Just as a for instance. There was a cereal commercial on television, where this kind of a hillbilly-dressed cartoon character came out and played the fiddle. And it was to promote this cereal named Applejacks. And I was the "Applejacks Kid" for I don't know how long. It finally wore off. thank God. I couldn't handle it. I wouldn't get as much mad as I would be embarrassed. Be? cause. I mean, that was just not the thing to do, to play the fiddle. It was either electric guitar and rock-and-roll or it wasn't anything. (Any chance that you would have given it up at that point?) I think it would have come real easy to give it up at that point. (If not for what?) If not for people like Bill Lamey. Auby Foley is a name that we haven't hit on. That would have been Bert's broth- Boutiliers* Music Shops Cape Breton's Newest Locally-Owned Musical Outlet Dealers for SAMICK Pianos FENDER & WASHBURN Guitars AKAI Synthesizers We sell a complete line of top quality musical instruments and accessories. Visit our showroom and try the products for yourself. You will like the variety and price. Layaway plan available. No interest for 2 months. ~ We're Open Monday througli Saturday ~ Music Keyboards Guitars Horns Violins Bagpipes Chanters All Supplies Cape Breton Shopping Centre 39 Keltic Drive, Sydney River, N. S. B1S1P4 "t"". '562-0018 "We're people you can talk to" er. Who played the guitar and the violin as well--more a country. New Brunswick style cross, type of music, that appealed to me very much. His encouragement, right from the very very start, was there. And it shouldn't be left unrecognized, that maybe he, most of all, was the reason why I kept at it. (And encouragement would be in what form?) Uh, between getting me to play--as far as incentive: friendship, interests in the same line, same ideas as far as some par? ticular tunes and that type of thing. (Sharing tunes.) Exactly, yeah. Sharing tunes was a part of it as well. Had a unique style that was really appealing. And today, even yet today, very much appealing. He's a man that also plays professionally yet. It was nothing to have Auby's company on--2, 3 times a week. He would encourage you to take the fiddle out. He'd play the guitar for me, like backing me. And in the early days would be teaching me tunes. as well as giving me the praise that was need? ed within me in order to have enough inter? est to. well--"See if he'll like this." And. "I'll play this for him." I'd have to say Auby Foley is one of my very, very dearest friends. (It's extraordinary to me. though, to think where you found your strength. Obviously your father is demanding.) Oh. very much so. Very much so. yeah. (That certainly gives you one strength. Maybe not the best way to get strength.) Oh, sure. (But it's Jl Louisbourg ii-;jj!cj Craft Workshops P.O. Box 83, Louisbourg, N.S. BOAIMO (902) 733-3233 Handcrafts Produced in Our Workshops: Screenprinting, i/letal Moulding Local Handcrafts * Other Maritime Items OPEN MAY 1 TO OCTOBER 31 'Refreshments' Available Guided Tours of Workshops No Admission Fee, May 1 to Mid-June and Mid-Sept, to Oct. 31 Weekdays 9-6, Saturday & Sunday 10-6 Mid-June to Mid-Sept.: Weekdays 9-9, Saturday & Sunday 9-9 IF YOU COD A FISH, BUT LOBSTER IN THE SEA,... COME QUICK TO GEORGE'S FISH MARKET ' THAT'S WHERE SHE'LL BE. FRESH AND FROZEN FISH. LOBSTER TOO! 243 Commercial Street, North Sydney, N. S. B2A 3M3 (Next to the Shipyard) (902) 794-7634 (Open: Monday - Saturday 9-5 * Thursday 9-8)
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