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Page 42 - Aunt Annie MacLeod, Wreck Cove

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1 (290 reads)

talking to somebody in through that hole-- that there'd be somebody lived in there. So I had an awful lot of pretending. The same when I went out west. I was 11 years. My aunt (Rachel) used to come up the stairs and not make any noise till she'd hear what I was talking about! (And what would you be talking about?) That's what I don't remember. (Did you ever have a baby doll?) No. Never. (Annie Mae: Not even a rag doll?) No. But we used to dress up, Maisie and I, in the women's clothes, and pretend we were women, and that. ][i[D)-ir(Q)W[f' BUILDING SUPPLIES 21 McKeen Street, Glace Bay Our Carpet & Paint Displays are all set up... Waiting For You! Our Hardware and Building Supplies are arriving daily. Come and visit us in our bright new surroundings. HARDWARE, BUILDING SUPPLIES, CARPETS & VINYL FLOORING BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT, BONNEVILLE WINDOWS m:i9TsS:l:lp.m. 849-0047 849-1100 (Did you worship alone, as a little girl-- was that part of your imagination?) Oh yes, I guess perhaps I did. No, I don't remem? ber. I couldn't have been very religious! (Annie Mae: A lot did. A lot of children did, though.) Oh yes, oh, oh yes. I remember being at Uncle John's, and we used to really have church. (The children.) Yeah. We always used t:o have something like that. We'd either have it in the kitchen or upstairs. We'd get all the chairs around and we'd be singing. Their mother used to be wonderful, too--she used to sing with us. Somebody'd be a minister and we used to worship. Same as we were hearing in church. Most likely it was English we were singing, I don't remember that far. (Would there be a sermon?) Oh yes, we'd be reading the Bible. I don't know about prayer. (Did you go out and play farmer? Did you choose to go out and play at haymaking?) No, I don't remember of being that. The on? ly thing I remember is like that, playing, even in the wintertime--I'd be like build? ing a house--going in the snow, and this room here and this room here, pretending this was a house. BELLE ISLE UNCOLN MERCURY -SENIOR SERVICE- Any Make Car Care Plan for Senior Citizens * FREE Loaner Car on Overnight Repairs " FREE Pick Up and Delivery of Your Car * FREE Tow to Our Service Department * FREE 20% Off on Ford Parts * FREE 20% Off on Repairs Done Here * FREE Life Insurance on Car Loans * FREE I. D. Card BELLE ISLE LINCOLN MERCURY SALES LTD. 195 Prince St., Sydney 'At the Tracks" 539-9292 1988 MERCURY TOPAZ MERCURY UNCOLN 1988 MERCURY TRACER (Were you asked to do any work? Did you have to feed the animals?) No. (Annie Mae: Take in wood or wa? ter?) No. I don't remember of having to do anything. (Did you have to pick stones in the garden?) Oh yes. when I got older. But that was after I came back from the west. (But up till 10 or 11 years old.) I don't remember of having to rto anything of that. (Do you think that was comiaon, that most children grev up like that?). Oh no, no, no, I don't. But per? haps I did it, although I don't remember. Perhaps I had to go with the others when they were going to pick little stones at that age--perhaps I did. But I think I was very well sheltered and protected. I think I was, really. Per- hapf on account of--I don t know. My aunt was ver; good to me. And then my uncle, and all them. (Die you think of your Aunt Kate as your mother?) Oh yes, oh yes. And I thought of Dan Murdock's father (Angus L. Morrison) as my father. And I remem? ber yet the day--I was out playing with Sandy. And we had a fall-out about some-
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