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Page 47 - Aunt Annie MacLeod, Wreck Cove

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1 (258 reads)

didn't. And I missed out on school. (So you never went back to school after British Co? lumbia.) No. Wasn't that awful? I thought I was too big to go to school. And they should have made me go to school. I came home in May, and of course I didn't want to go to school. I thought I was big. I wasn't very big, but I thought I was big--big in the mind, I guess! (Do you think you were angry at coming back to Cape Breton?) Of course I was. I was heartbroken. I was heartbroken going and I was heartbroken coming back. I'll never forget it, when I landed home. You know, they didn't have electric lights, they didn't have bathrooms, they didn't have schools. I didn't have my friends that I had out there. I was going to Sunday school, we were going to church. And all those things. Nothing like that in Wreck Cove. (There was Sunday school and church in Wreck Cove.) Indeed not. I never went to Sunday school in Wreck Cove. And I really remember that when I came back, that I was just heartbroken. Well, I don't think it was very fair of her, if she had thought. But I guess she was looking ahead, perhaps. Oh, I shouldn't say. I guess I was sorry at the time, but it turned out all right. I remember the first night I was home, and Kate came to comb my hair. Oh, my gosh, I wouldn't let her go and comb my hair, or put it in the style she thought I should be! Do you believe in that? What has to be, has to be? One of the reasons I believe in it was this. I was going with a Morrison fellow-- perhaps I told you this story before--and he was an electrician. And he went up to the Ford factory. Ford company up there in Detroit. The agreement was, when he'd get settled up there and get a job and that, then we'd get married. When I told my aunt about it, she said, "That's the reason I brought you up, thinking that I'd have somebody when I'd get older that would look after me. Now if you do that, it'll mean that I can't be with you and you can't do anything for me." Well, that changed my mind. But I don't know. If I was very de? termined. Don't you think it was because I had to do it? She was very much against me doing that. I would have to go up there to live, and she was very much against me do? ing that, that I'd leave her, and that that's one of the reasons she brought me up. Well, I guess it wasn't the reason, but I mean.... But when I told him about that, he said, "Why wouldn't she come and live with us? If she wants you to look after her and do that, it wouldn't be any trouble for her to come up there to live." But that changed my mind. That was it. I just told him that I couldn't do it, couldn't go through with it on account of her. I wrote and told him. I often think about--why did I do it? It just seemed like I had to do it. I don't think it was because that I felt that I owed that to her. I can't explain it. I really can't. But it wasn't because I had started going with George (Annie's hus? band) . It was just I made up my mind, I have to quit, because she has to know that I quit. I'm not going to get any letters from him. I really quit. Told him not to write me any letters to Wreck Cove. I never forgot that. It wasn't because--I liked him. That's why I'm thinking that things have to be.... Perhaps she was praying for it. And perhaps her prayers were answered. Because I really don't believe that it was because I loved her that much that I would do that, you know, without some power behind it. Be? cause I knew she would be all right--she was with her brother, and her other broth? ers were there. I often thought it must have been some power behind it. Leather Worlds by John C. Roberts Historic Reproductions Creative Handcrafts * MORE THAN LEATHER * INDIAN BROOK open Daily 10-5 CAPE BRETON ISLAND BOC 1 HO (except Tuesdays) Between Baddeck & Ingonish July 1 - September 15 On the Cabot Trail or by appointment: 929-24 • uvvf8 Funeral Home (In Business Since 1908) Three Generations of Service J. Michael Curry - Mgr. 140 Main Street - Glace Bay Phone 849-7617 AMBULANCE SERVICE 849-2222
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