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Page 51 - Aunt Annie MacLeod, Wreck Cove

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1 (170 reads)

down a couple of summers after that, for the summer. (You were saying, there was a man....) And he couldn't make up his mind which one (of three girls) he liked the best. Couldn't have been as crazy as us. Somebody said to him, "Well, the only way I know that you can decide is to ask, that you want to see their breadboard." You know, they used to make the bread and that. "And whichever breadboard you will see, that you think you like the best, marry that one." So he went. He told them that he was going to see their breadboard. I don't know if he told them the reason. But an3rway, he went to see the breadboard. The first one, she cleaned the breadboard. And I don't know about the sec? ond one. But the third one, anjrway, she never touched her breadboard. She just left it as it was, she never touched it. And that's the one he married. That decided for him. (Aunt Annie, what would you do with yo'ur breadboard after you get through baking?) Clean it. You can see my breadboard out there, it's clean as a whistle. I wouldn't have married a man that was going to look at my breadboard. If that's what he was go? ing to marry me for, he could go fly a kite! If that's all he was thinking about. she was going to marry. So this other fel? low came along--I believe it was in the wintertime. Anyway, he had a horse and sleigh, or a horse and wagon. And he said, "I'll take one of your passengers." You know, (the other fellow) had the two girls. So she was the one that jumped out of the wagon. (The one yho was going to get mar? ried?) Yeah. And she went with the other fellow. So, when they got to Baddeck, she told the (first) fellow that she wasn't going to marry him--the fellow she was going to mar? ry. She was going to marry the other fel? low. (The fellow that she went with.) That's why she went with him in the first place. I guess they had it made up. You know, perhaps she had to leave home. Now, perhaps at home they were all ready for her to marry this (first) fellow, and all'this, and perhaps they liked him and all that. Perhaps she liked the other fellow better. And she told him, "Well, we'll go to Bad- deck tomorrow, and Mary and I'll say we're going to get our wedding clothes, and he's going to get the license. But if you come along at the same time, I'll get in the wagon or sleigh with you, and we'll go to Baddeck." So when she got to Baddeck, she told the other fellow she wasn't marrying him, she was marrying this guy. (So you don't know if they had planned it before? hand.) Oh, I imagine they did. They used to do crazy things. There was an? other couple that were going to Baddeck. They were going to get married. And anyway, I guess she was going with two fellows. But anyway, she and the bridesmaid were going to Baddeck to get the clothes, and they were going to get the license in Baddeck. So the fellow was driving them--the fellow Well, you know, a lot of people--years and years ago--married to please the family, perhaps. Most like, perhaps, they did. (Like yourself.) Yes. Like myself. I mar? ried to please my--but I wasn't sorry now, for that, because I got a good man and I was happy, and all that. I wasn't sorry for what I did. No, I wasn't. Thank God for Island Crafts The Talent of Cape Breton Knitters Is but One Example of * Excellence at Island Crafts Old-Fashioned Charm Is Our Trademark VISIT OUR STORE AND SEE THE KALEIDOSCOPE OF TREASURES Fishermanknit Sweaters - Kitchen Accessories Designer I/lohair Sweaters - Clan Crests Hats & Scarves for Every Age Group - Cookbool
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