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Page 67 - Sid Timmons: Pit Stories

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1 (258 reads)

ing, with the mule hooked on. And when I'd go in (I'd take four boxes in), after she passed four box lengths, she knew herself. She'd just stop, you know--and start back? ing out on the other road. I never had to--I'd jump off and let her pass. Then I'd shift the track. Never had to speak to her at all. So, they came along. And the manager said, "There's one of your American pit horses." You know. So the underground manager said, "Yes. And a hell of a lot of good--she's good for nothing." So, just as they went to pass, I stepped on the box. And I crowed like a rooster--you know. I knew the mare--she'd go anyway. And she left. He said, "If I hadda had a maul--I'd have hit you two fellows in the forehead." He was embarrassed, you know. He came in one day, and this Brown was jig? ging a tune with two sticks. Fellow by the name of Tomerey had his pants off--and he had a pair of gum shoes on the wrong feet. And we had an old trapdoor--and he was stepdancing. And there were two fellows boxing, and I was refereeing. And I was supposed to be boss--road boss. Boy. See, we had no overman over us. So I stopped on the way in and I let them pass. When I figured they were just about into the inside end of the road, I went in. And I jumped off. And the minute the fourth box passed, I started grunting like a pig. She backed right out, you know. And I hooked her off and went"out. We were doing our work. We'd run like hell to get our work done--then wait--while we were waiting, see. Boy, that was a bad day that day. And I ended up on the receiving end on account of being kind of in charge. We were passing the office that evening. The manager called me in, and this other Them times, fellow. dollar. everybody tried to make a He said, "We went down there today," he said. "And we had strangers with us. And when we opened the deep door, you'd think," he said, "there was an orchestra down there. And what was it but one God damn fool," he said, "jigging a tune with two sticks. "And," he said, "we went in on the landing. And I thought we ran into a God damn menag? erie," he said. "There were more animals running loose in there." cz'm[rz% 'ais. On tkz Se 3??acA BEACH HOMES MOTEL CHALETS P. 0. Box 177, Ingonish Beach, N. S. BOC ILO (902)285-2525 But there was deep-down friendship with everybody, you know. And there was a lot of friendly rivalry. Even a man that hated you, like, you know- if anything happened to you--you were in? jured or anything--he'd be the first man there to help. And, if you weren't hurt bad he'd say, "It's a pity you weren't killed." gE'j/'NDS WEEEB See Cape Breton through the eyes of a Cape Bretoner. Our knowledgeable guide will travel with you. She will step onto your bus, ready to provide local colour and commentary to your tour. Seawinds Tours can tailor a vacation package to suit your needs. Your Personalized Guide to Beautiful Cape Breton ' ' To arrange your tour, ANN ASHBURN , canlad r. r. #i, Port Morien, Cape Breton, N. S. Canada BOA 1 TO (902) 737-2858 Step-On Guide Service Bus Tours EXCELLENT DINING INDOOR OR PATIO 458 CHARLOTTE STREET DOWNTOWN SYDNEY
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