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Page 70 - Searching for the Pioneer Log House

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1 (330 reads)

is gone, has been largely cut out, to ac? commodate the extension of about a couple of metres--6 feet or so. But the top of it still survives. In fact, in the attic, what would have been the original end wall still has shingling on what would have been the outside. The original very, very modest structure would have been about 19 feet by 20 feet. Almost square. (Peaked roof?) Yeah. (But what we might call a half-storey, the sec? ond storey.) Presumably the loft that was used lastly would have been used as a stor? age area, sleeping area. (And the logs are round, not flattened on two sides?) No. Well, in a way, we're as? suming a lot. It is still as it was re? vealed in 1978. However, it is possible to see the form of construction, and you can just see one corner with the notched over? lay, overlapping logs. And as I said, in the attic you can see the topmost log, all round. In a way we're only assuming that the rest survives. (There) is a very large squared beam, which is part of that gable wall, which is exposed. But above it and below it, it is rounded log. That was the first example we knew of. The second one that came to our attention was not terribly far from the first one. The house itself--again, it is now covered and shingled, and outwardly appears like any frame house. But it is of a probably mid- 19th-century--1850-ish--vintage. The type. a very large central chimney, with several hearths at the base. (The first house, did it have a central chimney as well?) No. That is something of a--as yet--a mystery. I suppose the best guess is that at one time there was a hearth/fireplace/chimney structure, probably occupied a good part of the gable end where the porch used to be. There was obviously a stove in later years there. In the attic, a brick chimney sur? vives over that and projects through the roof. But that is obviously an addition. And there's some indication that there was a certain amount of rebuilding on that gable end. Again, it's guesswork right now. But the chances are there was the hearth, chimney, or the fireplace, on the gable end. Which would conform, again, to contem? porary descriptions. This second one is--the form actually is really--well, there is a house, one of the earlier houses at the Highland Village (at lona) has a mid-19th-century form. It's along those lines, with the large central chimney. But this one (not t'e house at Highland Village) was built with horizontal logs. Again, you can't see that; it's in fairly good repair. But you can see--if you go up into the attic--the topmost log, round log--of this second house. Now I must 849-7563 Detcheverry's Upholstering Shop "FURNITURE REPAIR & UPHOLSTERING" GLACE BAY, N.S. YOUR FRESH HAMBURGER CHOICE FOR YOUR CHILD'S BIRTHDAY PARTY WENDY'S TAKES CARE OF EVERTHING FROM CAKE TO CLEANUP: 562-1113 THAT'S WENDY'S WAY WENDY'S RESTAURANT 300 WELTON ST. SYDNEY Marine Atlantic, Flagships of Atlantic Canada, joining people and places for business and pleasure. For rates, schedules, or ferry information call Toil-Free (N.S.,N.B..P.E.I.) 1-800-565'470. Great ' (jonnections Marine Atlantic Marine Atlantique
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