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Page 82 - Kieran Ballah Remembers M.J

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1 (257 reads)

they just finally pushed him aside. He was like that--a very strong, strong-willed man. He always wanted to get into speech thera? py. He never ever made it. He started it. He believed strongly that if a person stut? tered, he could stop his stuttering if he brought music into him. I often think of (a fellow) who performs now. He stutters ter? rible. But when he sings, he doesn't stut? ter. He's a country-and-western singer. My father felt the same thing. He had people who were stuttering real bad, and went to him. And he broke the stuttering down, 'cause he'd work music into it, and get them to sing, and then go from singing to talking. And when they were conscious of that, he could stop their stuttering. But he never got far enough in that, I guess-- not enough background. (And you were the only child that sang with him?) Yeah. Yeah, I was the only one that performed with Dad. I sang as a boy sopra? no. And then as I got older, my voice turned baritone, and I was too old. He was getting too old. He died as a young--he had Krohn's Disease of the bowel, and suffered a lot at the end, so. He wasn't singing in his early 60s hardly at all. And I had moved away to Antigonish. I re? member one evening before we were married, and I was singing in festivals in Antigon? ish, as a baritone. And I didn't tell him I was going to be singing in the festival. I think I'd been living in Antigonish about 3 years. (I) was quite proud of it, and sang, and gosh, won, came first in-the event, and that was great. They were broadcasting it. And when I found out it was being broad? cast, I went to the phone and called up Come for the summer, stay for the fall colours- you are welcome to VICTORIA county: Make Victoria County the centre of your stay in Cape Breton. Hiking, swimming and ' golfing, motels or camping, music and dance, museums and crafts? people-Victoria County is a world to explore. And it's an excellent base from which to reach all other parts of the Island. St. Lawranc* Bay I? Brook f Whlt? Pt. <'.'>. Keltic Lodga ''CIADMILE FAILTE'' One Hundred Thousand Welcomes VICTORIA COUNTY The Worden, Councilors ond Residents Take time to meet the people of Victoria County. SUMMER OF 1988 Highland Village Day lona AUGUST 6 50th Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod Gaelic College, St. Ann's AUGUST 7 to 13 Regatta Week Bras d'Or Yacht Club AUGUST 7 to 13 Centre Bras d*Or Festival of the Arts . JULY 15 to AUGUST 21 . Victoria County is a Year 'Round Joy Whether it's a Summer sailing regatta, Winter Alpine and cross-country skiing, or driving and hiking through the Autumn- we invite you to join us, and... Enjoy Victoria County - We Do
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